Red Dragon Apparel (RDS) Clothing Review

Skateboarding Vancouver, British Columbia

Jason Thibault / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

RDS (Red Dragon Apparel) is a skateboarding company out of Vancouver, Canada. RDS has a huge line of clothing available, from hats to shirts to pants and even snowboarding clothing. In this review, we'll take a look at a selection of Red Dragon (RDS) skater clothing.


RDS Apparel has some cool clothes reminiscent of DC Shoe Co USA in their use of solid colors and strong symbols. Red Dragon clothing looks good, fits well and is good quality—none of this buying up cheap unmarked clothing and tossing it into a factory. So if you're looking for something different, and you don't mind looking around a bit (you might have to buy online if you aren't in Canada), take a look at RDS. The Red Dragon Apparel website has everything you need for tracking down a store or shopping online.


RDS clothing all features the Red Dragons symbol, seen in the pictures here (sideways on the belt). The company got the name "Red Dragons" from the early days of Colin McKay—he and his friends were all skaters in Vancouver, BC, and decided that they needed to come up with a name for their skate gang. They liked the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris (the movie by the same name was made in 2002). The link with the Chinese symbol goes back even further though, to the game of Mahjong, where one of three Dragon tiles is the red character for Center, also known as the Red Dragon.

The RDS company was started by the Red Dragons which produced the skateboarding video, "Skateboard Party." RDS has a skatepark near Vancouver BC and sponsors a pile of riders. In fact, if you've played Tony Hawk's American Wasteland yet, you know you can slap RDS shirts onto your custom skater!


RDS has a lot to offer in their clothing lineup. First let's take a look at the Red Dragon hats—FlexFit caps have a variety of styles to pick from and all look pretty cool.

All are FlexFit, which are the best you can get, and most have unique stitching and colors that look good together. The hats fit well, even if you have a large head.


Red Dragon hooded sweatshirts are nice and comfy. They're fleece cotton with front screen prints and a little RDS symbol on the back under the hood. The hoods are stitched in two places, making it rest more comfortably and naturally on your head. The hood cords are thick and flat, and the front pocket has angled entry. The Red Dragon hoodie is a big step up from the old Element hoodie. 


Accessories include all the other stuff—wallets, keychains, belts —and Red Dragon Apparel has plenty, all with the sick RDS symbol. Check out the Red Dragons belt with the solid metal sideways Red Dragons Chinese symbol (see above). The solid metal Red Dragons key chain (see below) makes a statement, as do the RDS wristbands—black with the red Dragons symbol. Red Dragon Apparel has a lot to pick from.

Red Dragons Skateboarding

What about the Red Dragons Skate Team? You might not want to deck yourself out in RDS gear just because it looks good. Rest assured, the Red Dragons team is strong. Take a look at the latest video "Skateboard Party" featuring the talents of team riders Mike Hastie, Ryan Oughton, Paul Trep and more—plus piles of famous pros who are members of the Red Dragons society. You may have heard of Colin McKay, Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek and Jason Ellis? And that's only a few of them. Toss in Ryan Smith, Paul Machnau, Arron Johnson—go read the Skateboard Party DVD review. Or just take our word for it that this team rocks.