Top 5 Country Music Singers Similar to Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift The 1989 World Tour

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Taylor Swift is one of the most successful modern pop artists. She succeeded at crossing over from writing and performing country music to producing pop music hits with ease. Taylor always seems to captivate us with her talents and her music. There isn't another artist in country music that is 100% like her, but these five singers have a similar pop-country style. If you like Swift's music, you may want to give some of these singers an ear, too.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Performs at 'Good Morning America' 2004 Summer Concert Series

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Jessica Simpson started her musical career in the pop world but gradually decided that she preferred country. In 2008, she released her debut country album Do You Know. She has pop elements in her music, but also has a country sound as well, especially in the lead single "Come On Over." Simpson is also an artist that puts her life experiences into her music.


CMA 2015 Country Christmas - Show

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Jewel, like Jessica Simpson, started her musical career as a pop star. She has always had a folky style to her music, so her decision to record country music isn't that much of stretch. Her debut country album was titled, Perfectly Clear and contained her hit single "Stronger Woman." While not writing from a teen perspective like Swift, Jewel is still an excellent singer and songwriter.

Julianne Hough

Singer Julianne Hough

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Julianne Hough got her start as a professional dancer on the popular TV series Dancing With the Stars, which she won twice. She released her self-titled album in 2008, and showed us that she had a definite country-pop sound to her music, with the upbeat debut single "That Song In My Head." The lyrics are something that sticks with you, while the snappish way she sings it is endearing.

Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler Performs

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Kellie Pickler first gained national attention as part of Season 5 of "American Idol," where she came in sixth place. In 2008, she toured with Brad Paisley, as did Taylor Swift. The two became close pals and co-wrote "The Best Days Of Your Life," which is a track on Kellie's self-titled album. Like Taylor, Pickler writes about relationships and things that happen in her life. Whether she is singing the true story of her relationship with her mother in "I Wonder" or giving young girls a lesson in self-esteem in "Don't You Know You're Beautiful," she lays her heart out on the line.

Kristy Lee Cook

Kristy Lee Cook

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Kristy Lee Cook is another artist that gained national attention on the seventh season of "American Idol," where she ended in seventh place. Her debut album, Why Wait, was released in 2008, with the kiss-off single, "15 Minutes of Shame." While Cook is a songwriter, none of her songs appeared on her debut album.