5 Reasons Everyone Should be Watching 'Glitter Force'

Glitter Force characters
Saban / Netflix

Glitter Force follows in the footsteps of popular anime series such as Sailor Moon, with its magical female superheroes and bright color palette, but is it worth watching? Here are five reasons why it absolutely is.

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Glitter Force Is a Breath of Fresh Air

In a time when far too many anime series take themselves too seriously with overly literal translations and voice actors trying to mimic the original Japanese cast, Glitter Force is a return to when anime was fun and the priority of everyone involved was to make a super accessible series that could be enjoyed by as many people as possible.
Saban and Netflix appear to have a lot of faith in Glitter Force and it shows, with them investing in the production of new super fun songs and one of the strongest casts of English voice actors heard in recent productions. The scripts are also of fairly good quality and will appeal to anyone who enjoys shows like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's Glittertastic!

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The Fight Scenes in Glitter Force Are Really Physical

While a lot of anime series (Japanese cartoons) featuring magical girl teams are fairly repetitive with their fight scenes and attack animation sequences, the action in Glitter Force really shakes things up with a combination of reused attack animations and real-time fighting that often features unnamed energy blasts and even quite a bit of hand-to-hand combat.
These girls don't just rely on long-winded special attacks (though they are certainly guilty of that sometimes), they often get right in there with punches, kicks, projectiles and, more often than not, appear physically affected by the combat. These girls may be called Glitter Force but that doesn't mean their fighting is girly-girly all the time.

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The Glitter Force Songs Are Super Catchy (A Little TOO Catchy)

Featuring completely new music and songs composed by Noam Kaniel (who has written background music and theme songs for cartoons such as The Mysterious Cities of Gold, X-Men, W.I.T.C.H., and Digimon Fusion), Glitter Force casts a musical spell over the viewer that entertains from opening credits to closing and will have many humming the songs, if not flat-out singing them.
Of course, it doesn't hurt that all of the songs are performed by the talented pop group, Blush, who are made up of five members from the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, India, and Hong Kong. The group brings such a sense of energy and positivity to each track they recorded for the series, it's as if the Glitter Force are singing the songs themselves.

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Glitter Force Is Really Well Animated

With anime series such as this, it's quite common for the animation quality to take a dip after the first few episodes or two as scenes are outsourced to cheaper animation studios to save money on production.

Surprisingly, Glitter Force bucks this trend and manages to remain fairly consistent throughout its first season's 20 episodes, with bright, fluid animation, and even several memorable moments that are executed brilliantly. Character models remain unchanged throughout and the fight sequences and special effects never really seem to suffer.

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Glitter Force Is Really Accessible

When it initially aired in Japan, Glitter Force (originally named Smile Pretty Cure) was a show that held massive appeal for an entire generation of young Japanese girls with its catchy songs and relatable characters.

Saban, Netflix, and all of the other companies involved in the English version have done a fantastic job in adapting the series so that young English-speaking children can have the same experience as the Japanese audience did when they first saw it. i.e. they get to watch a bright, energetic cartoon with songs that they can sing along to and characters that are immediately relatable.

Of course, being a Japanese series, there are still some Japanese references but in Glitter Force they're not a deterrent and will genuinely encourage young audience members to look further into Japanese culture in much the way Sailor Mars did in the 90s version of Sailor Moon.

Bottom Line

Glitter Force is just the series viewers have been waiting for with its mix of action, toe-tapping songs, and magical powers. It's a fabulous shimmer, a glow in your heart, and the perfect anime series to brighten your day.