8 Reasons to Buy a Minivan

woman helping kids into a minivan
Chad Baker / Jason Reed / Ryan McVay / Getty Images

You swore you would never own a minivan. Now you shuttle kids all over town and you're wondering if you should become a minivan mom. Consider these top reasons you should own a minivan to help make your decision a little easier:


It's easy to feel like your driving a minivan would be the equivalent of your mom driving a wood-paneled station wagon back in the day. And as much as you love your mom, you don't want to turn into her.

But you can say this about a minivan: It's practical. Choosing your mom car should partly be based on your own preferences because you'll be the one driving it most of the time. You also need to consider what the most practical choice is for your family. AutoNews said minivans are "one of the most practical vehicles on the planet." Not only do minivans provide plenty of seating for your family, they're also some of the safest vehicles on the road.

You Can Get a Good Deal

When minivans came out in the '80s, they were extremely popular. Now, their popularity has faded as people opt for crossovers or SUVs more than minivans.

That's good news for your family if you decide to go the minivan route. You can get a better deal on a brand new minivan than you can often get on a one-year-old used SUV, depending on the model. Buying used can save you even more money.

Cheaper Maintenance and Insurance

Not only can you get a good deal when you buy a minivan, you can also save money as you drive off the lot. Minivans are cheaper to maintain and have cheaper insurance rates, too. The savings can add even more money to your family's budget.

An  AAA study found that minivans cost 65 cents per mile to drive when you look at gas, maintenance, insurance, tires and depreciation costs. Annually the cost to drive a minivan is about $9,753. The same study found a large sedan will cost you 72.2 cents per mile to drive or $10,831 per year and an SUV will cost you 73.6 cents per mile or $11,039 per year.​

Easy for Kids to Get In and Out Of

Minivans are low to the ground, so even the smallest kids can climb into them with ease. And with sliding doors, you don't have to worry about hands getting smashed with a slammed car door.

Opt for power sliding doors and, with the touch of a button, your minivan opens up so the kids can climb in or get out. This is great when you're in a parking lot and need your children to hurry up and get in so you can load the minivan. It's also a nice option to have when you're in charge of carpool and don't want to worry about your little carpoolers hurting their hands in your typical car door or slamming the doors to the point of giving you a headache as children often like to do.

Perfect for Road Trips

There is such a thing as being too close to your family. Load up your kids, spouse, and suitcases in a small car and you'll discover why.

A minivan gives your family plenty of space. You may not think little ones need their space, but it will become more clear 50 miles into your 500-mile road trip when your kids are hitting each other, screaming into your ears and kicking the back of your seat. Minivans are spacious without feeling like you're driving a camper. Kids can spread out and so can you.

Lots of Storage Space

You can store a lot in a minivan, including that over-sized stroller system you always seem to need in your vehicle but can never find a place for, even in an SUV. Minivans have all sorts of compartments and storage space.

Some models also have storage in the floor. Not only is this space great for trips because you can pack smaller bags in the floor space, but it also frees up space within the minivan so your four-year-old isn't squished up against a stack of suitcases in the third row.

It's Great for a One-Vehicle Family

Many families are downsizing from two or more vehicles to one. While becoming a one-vehicle family is a huge decision, choosing a minivan as your one vehicle makes sense for a number of reasons.

With its spacious interior and storage areas, everyone can have their own space for briefcases, diaper bags, and backpacks. A one-vehicle family won't feel cramped when everyone is loading up in the minivan to head off for school and to take Dad to work. And since you'll spend more time together being in this one vehicle, you'll be wanting the extra space and comfort a minivan provides.

You Don't Have to Own It Forever

You may be dragging your feet about buying a minivan. You won't feel cool anymore. You prefer a zippy car. You simply don't want to join the minivan mom brigade.

Guess what? You don't have to be bound to a minivan forever. Your kids will grow and your minivan ownership doesn't have to be a life-long commitment. Once your family outgrows the need for a minivan, you can eye that cute little convertible at the dealership for yourself.