5 Reasons Not to Compare Yourself to Models

This is Why You Stop Chasing an Impossible Standard

short hair on the runway
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Whether you love fashion shows or paging through the latest beauty magazine, it's easy to get discouraged with yourself. The models on the runway and on the glossy pages are stunningly beautiful. They're thin, with thick hair and flawless skin. It's enough to make you feel frumpy.

But models are real people too. And many of them do not look anything like their photos in magazines on their days off. Here are five reasons to stop comparing yourself to models.

Reason No. 1: Many Are Photoshopped to Look Thinner

Models are notoriously thin; in some circles, anything over a size eight is considered plus size. But even the thinnest model is often not thin enough for fashion editors. Graphic editors slim and carve out the features of these beautiful women, making them impossibly skinny. They've also been known to lengthen legs, narrow necks and enlarge busts so the models look more like a cartoon than a real person.

Outside of the magazine, models look more normal. They're still thin, but with regular proportions. If you want to give yourself the model treatment, play around with the liquify feature in Photoshop. You can turn yourself into a size zero, six-foot model anytime.

Reason No. 2 Models Get Airbrushed

While modeling may seem like a glamorous gig, it can be hard on people. The days are long and grueling, and models often go without regular meals, water, and proper sleep. That lifestyle can make their skin break out or become very dry. Many models backstage have heavy circles under their eyes due to poor sleep.

Airbrushing makes the skin look poreless and wrinkle free. Under-eye bags are eliminated, dark spots deleted and features blurred until the skin looks like satin. It's no use bashing your own skin; even the models on the pages don't have such perfect complexions.

Reason No. 3 Makeup Artists Are Magicians

Makeup artists can work wonders with cosmetics. With some powder and creams, they can define cheekbones, slim down jawlines, and make noses look smaller. They can make lips fuller and eyes bigger, and of course, give models lush eyelashes.

Unless you are trained as a cosmetologist or hire your own makeup artist, it's impossible to replicate the looks of models. Under all that makeup, they're just normal women.

Reason No. 4 Models Wear Extensions

While you may envy a model's thick, long hair, chances are, it's not entirely hers. For almost all runway shows and photo shoots, models have hundreds of grams of hair extensions added to their hair. Sometimes it's just to add thickness, but they are also used to add length.

If you want to try the look yourself, you can buy clip-in hair extensions at any beauty supply store and have thick, long hair.

Reason No. 5 Models Have Off Days, Too

Don't beat yourself up for throwing your hair in a bun and wearing yoga pants. Models do it too! If you walk the streets of Los Angeles or New York, you'll see models in their sweats, sans makeup and with their hair in a ponytail. They enjoy a break from the heavy makeup and hair styling, so own your look.