Real Estate Pay-Per-Click Marketing Tactics

There are tried and true ways to succeed at real estate pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. The reason you might find negative commentary from real estate professionals as to their wasted money on PPC advertising is almost always because they had no clue as to what they should do.

Let's review how to do real estate PPC marketing properly and in a very cost-effective way.

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Real Estate SEO vs. SEM

While search engine optimization (SEO) should always be the goal in producing real estate website content, keep in mind that only 10 real estate websites can be on the first page of Google's free search results for any given keyword or phrase. The other real estate professionals should consider pay-per-click (PPC) marketing which falls under search engine marketing (SEM).

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Critical Things to Do Before You Set up Your Google Adwords Account

While the majority of failed real estate PPC campaigns were conducted by real estate professionals who studied about how the system worked and how to set up ads, they didn't take the preparatory steps to make sure their websites were ready to take advantage of the visitors coming from those clicks they paid for. You should also try to gain a better understanding of Google Adwords ad scoring that can place you higher in the paid results at a lower cost per click (CPC). Of course, Google Adwords is not the only way to advertise your real estate website. Services like Zillow can bring leads to your business so don't just focus on one single method alone.

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Real Estate Website Content That Generates Leads

Once you learn what a "bounce" is in relation to website statistics, you'll realize that you don't like bounces. They happen when your real estate PPC marketing sends a visitor to your site and they leave without clicking through to other pages. This could indicate that they didn't find what they expected in a visitor-friendly format when they arrived from that paid click.

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Lead Generation From Real Estate PPC Marketing

Once you've paid for a click to your site with PPC marketing, you still only have an anonymous visitor, a "suspect." The goal is to get them to give up their contact information through an effective call-to-action. This moves them from "suspect" to "prospect" status, allowing you to take the next step to keep them under your influence until they're ready to act.

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Real Estate Forms and Drip Email for PPC Lead Generation Success

Once you have a prospect's contact information, it's all about staying "top-of-mind" with them regarding real estate in your market area. If you don't do this, they'll wander around multiple real estate sites and you'll end up seeing their purchase or sale in the stats for a competitor. Learn how to use forms and drip email for real estate PPC follow-up.