10 Rap Album Cliches We Could Live Without

Not sure if you're listening to a rap album? Here's a scientific checklist to help you determine whether or not you're listening to a rap album. If you come across any of these rap album cliches, then it's definitely a rap album.

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The State of Hip-Hop Song

Microphone. (Photo © Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

It's probably a rap album if it has a song about the state of hip-hop. The message is always the same -- hip-hop is lame these days. Everything out there sucks. It's all a big waste of ear space. Unless, of course, it's my album. Buy my album.

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The Comeback Song

T.I. - I'm Back
T.I. - I'm Back. © Atlantic

It's probably a rap song if there's a comeback track in there somewhere. And it's a rap album if said comeback song kicks off with a line about how you never actually left. In fact, it's the fans who stopped checking for you. In any case, you're back better than ever.

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The Long Intro


It's probably a rap album if it contains a song with a longass dialog/intro/poem/rambling. It's usually a lengthy instrumental or the rapper talking to himself, saying something like "Yeah...uh huh, check me out.." or "Yeah, turn me up, turn me up.."

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The Ill-Advised Skit


It's probably a rap album if there are dramatic skits every two songs. Rappers want to be actors, except when they want to be athletes. So the skit is there to make everything more cinematic. Or maybe they're there to help you fanute the skip button.

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The "Don't Bring Your Boo Around Me" Song


It's probably a rap album if it features a song about how it's morally illegal for you to bring your girl or guy around this rapper because, well...your boo just might go poof in the two-door ghost.

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The "Struggle" Song

It's probably a rap album if your raps about thumbing through millions, sharing groupies with your weed carrier and stocking enough guns to arm a small village all represent The Struggle. It's a rough life, but someone has to live it.

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The "Hold Me Down" Song


It's probably a rap album if it contains a song about the girl who is always around to hold her man down. Usually, he's out doing something ratchet, but his girl has an infinite supply of patience and is always willing to look past her man's flaws. She'll take a bullet for him. As a reward, he writes a song about how she's always there somehow. This song is mandated in everyone's contract.

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The Beat That Sounds Like Every Other Beat


It's probably a rap album if it contains a beat that sounds like every other beat out there. If there's a sound slapping in every club in the country, that's the sound you want on your album. Getting this beat from the original source is optional. Any cheap potato will do. Lex Luger begts fake Lex Lugers. DJ Mustard begets fake ratchet-R&B Mustardness. 

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The "Greatest Album" Statement

It's probably a rap album if the rapper proclaims it his or her greatest album ever before it even has a solid release date. It's an instant classic, you say? A masterpiece. Sure, your last one was undoubtedly a masterpiece. But this one is a MASTERPIECE.

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The Generational Battle Rap

It's probably a rap album if it contains a rhyme or an verse about how younger rappers are inherently inferior to older rappers. These young heads have nothing fresh to offer, you say. Well, except the chart-topping youngun on your single. He's aight.