Carmine 'The Big Ragoo' Ragusa and Janet From 'Three's Company' Busted

Eddi Mekka Mug Shot

It's been a bad week for ABC sitcom stars from the '70s.

Eddie Mekka -- the guy who played "The Big Ragoo" on Laverne and Shirley -- was arrested in Las Vegas last Friday after he allegedly got into a drunken car crash.

I met Mekka, 57, a few times in New York 25 years ago, when I did an college internship for his manager. He was always extremely kind to me, and a hell of a lot cooler than Lenny and Squiggy. I wish him well.

TV viewers will remember Mekka as a character actor who pops up now and again. But years ago, he earned a Tony nomination for his starring role in The Lieutenant -- an unlikely musical about the Mai Lai massacre.

You've got to have guts to turn one of the great horrors of the Vietnam War to song and dance, and Eddie's got 'em.

Just two days after Mekka's arrest, 60-year-old Joyce DeWitt was sited for drunk driving in Southern California, after she allegedly drove past a barricade near a park in El Segundo. The result was one of the scariest celebrity mug shots we've seen in a while.

DeWitt basically dropped out of show business after a long, successful run as Janet in Three's Company. She certainly never looked this disheveled when she was throwing back a beer at the Regal Beagle.

Speaking of Three's Company, police in Connecticut have arrested a trio in Torrington after a wild night of 3-way sex in public.

Other new inductees into the Weird Crime Mug Shot Hall of Fame:

In Cincinnati, we have a man who faces charges after security cameras caught him drawing a giant penis on a plasma TV at a Sears department store. Police say he use indellible ink, of couse.

Down in Florida, two teenage boys face charges for stealing a skull from a tomb at the the Spring Hill Cemetery. The item was later found at a friend's house soaking in a bucket of bleach.

But perhaps the most disturbing news I've seen comes from Cedar Grove, Wis., where one woman was wondering why her laundry was so damp and smelly.

The elderly woman installed a security camera in her home, and now a neighbor is under arrest for allegedly sneaking into her home, and urinating in her hamper.
Police Booking Photos (Top and Middle Right), ABC-TV File Photos (Middle Left and Bottom)

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