20 Quotes to Soothe a Hurting Heart

Get Over Your Grief With Hurt Love Quotes

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When a heart breaks, it screams out in pain. You may not hear an audible cry, but the silence is deafening. Betrayal is a bitter pill. The bitterness lingers, stifling out happiness and peace.

Have you been hurt in love? Did you encounter a bad breakup or betrayal? Do you feel unloved? You are not alone. Many people have experienced nasty heartbreak. Many spend their entire life nursing the wound, and never daring to love again.

People who were betrayed are wary of relationships. They shy away from commitment and companionship. Heartbroken lovers build an impenetrable shell around themselves. They yearn for true love but do not want to take a risk.

This negative approach leaves them desolate. The passion finds its vent in other ways. Some turn workaholic; others find solace in various forms of addiction. On the surface, they may appear normal, but deep inside they are hurting.

So, how do you mend a broken heart? How do you bounce back from a broken relationship? Is it possible to find love? The truth is that broken hearts can be mended. It depends on your attitude. If you allow the hurt to affect your psyche, the damage can be irreparable. However, if you prevent the hurt from damaging your spirit, you can bounce back.

It is important that you forgive yourself, and accept the breakup as an important milestone. Cherish the wonderful memories and move on. Life has plenty of wonderful opportunities in store. You can utilize those opportunities only if you choose to move on. Look back with fondness, not with regret. Don't carry the burden of remorse in your heart.

If you can recognize the manifestations of hurt, you can heal quickly. Hurt often manifests itself in rage. In Vanna Bonta's words, "Anger is a wound gone mad." She rightly correlated hurt with uncontrolled anger. If you appreciate the wisdom in her words, you can check your anger.

Quotes for a Hurting Heart

To help cope with hurt, here are some hurt love quotes. While some of the quotes encourage you to pick up the threads and start afresh, others help ease the pain.

T. E. Kalem
"A final comfort that is small, but not cold: The heart is the only broken instrument that works."

Steve Maraboli
"A broken heart bleeds tears."

Vanna Bonta
"Anger is a wound gone mad."

Christina Georgina Rossetti
"Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad."

Dennis Brown
"Certain songs by hearing the rhythm, it tells you that is either a love song or you might be heartbroken or the songs give you the vibes and you just know that certain songs are militant that you have to write."

Jennifer Aniston
"The greater your capacity to love, the greater your capacity to feel the pain."

Kahlil Gibran
"The silence that guards the tomb does not reveal God's secret in the obscurity of the coffin, and the rustling of the branches whose roots suck the body's elements do not tell the mysteries of the grave, by the agonized sighs of my heart announce to the living the drama which love, beauty, and death have performed."

Amanda Howells, The Summer of Skinny Dipping
"The surest way to hurt yourself is to give up on love, just because it didn't work out the first time."

"This pain is not to make you sad, remember. That's where people go on missing. This pain is just to make you more alert -- because people become alert only when the arrow goes deep into their heart and wounds them. Otherwise they don't become alert. When life is easy, comfortable, convenient, who cares? Who bothers to become alert? When a friend dies, there is a possibility. When your woman leaves you alone -- those dark nights, you are lonely. You have loved that woman so much and you have staked all, and then suddenly one day she is gone. Crying in your loneliness, those are the occasions when, if you use them, you can become aware. The arrow is hurting: it can be used. The pain is not to make you miserable, the pain is to make you more aware! And when you are aware, misery disappears."

Holly Black
"Those who really love you don't mean to hurt you and if they do, you can't see it in their eyes but it hurts them too."

Mary Manin Morrissey
"We take a risk when we open our hearts because the truth is, if we open our hearts, we will get hurt. You can't open your heart and not have some hurt because you're in a human experience. Even if it's the love of your life and you have many wonderful, deepening, growing, powerful years together, it's a human experience and that person will pass over. Love takes courage. Be courageous."

Marian Keyes, The Other Side of the Story
"Why can't we love the right people? What is so wrong with us that we rush into situations to which we are manifestly unsuited, which will hurt us and others? Why are we given emotions which we cannot control and which move in exact contradiction to what we really want? we are walking conflicts, internal battles on legs."

Britney Spears
"With love, you should go ahead and take the risk of getting hurt, because love is an amazing feeling."

Algernon Charles Swinburne
"Yet leave me not; yet, if thou wilt, be free;/Love me no more, but love my love of thee."

"Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes just be an illusion."

Michael Todd
"Love hurts more than hate."

Anais Nin
"Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of withering, of tarnishing."

Ashleigh Brilliant
"The difference between friendship and love is how much you can hurt each other."

Uniek Swain
"The flame of love is now just a cold loneliness."

William W. Purkey
"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth."