Quiz: Cheerleading 101

How Much Do You Really Know About Cheerleading?

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1. In cheerleading, motions refer to _______.
2. While stunting, the person that is lifted in the air is called a ______.
3. The main roles of the base are ________.
4. If a stunt falls, the spotter should try to catch ________.
5. What is a cheerleading chant?
6. What are the parts of a jump?
7. True or false: Some colleges offer scholarships for cheerleading.
8. A toe touch is the name of ______.
9. In cheerleading, liberty is _______.
10. The size of your _____ matters in cheerleading.
Quiz: Cheerleading 101
You got: % Correct. Cheer Newbie
I got Cheer Newbie. Quiz: Cheerleading 101
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Uh oh, it looks like you've got a bit of catching up to do before you're ready to start cheerleading. Don't worry — our Cheerleading Primer will fill you in on all the basics. Check it out, then take this quiz again. 

Quiz: Cheerleading 101
You got: % Correct. Squad Member
I got Squad Member. Quiz: Cheerleading 101
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 Not too bad! You might not be the most experienced cheerleader on the squad, but you've definitely got the basics down. With a little more practice, you'll be an All-Star in no time. 

Quiz: Cheerleading 101
You got: % Correct. Cheer Captain
I got Cheer Captain. Quiz: Cheerleading 101
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Wow! You've got lots of cheerleading experience and it shows! Check out our tips on creating a cheerleading routine to make sure your whole squad kills it in the competitions.