Quiz: How Jealous Are You?

Take this quiz to find out if you have jealous tendencies or totally chill.

Are you a jealous person?
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9. Have you ever read emails, texts and/or signed into a partner’s accounts to see who he or she is communicating with?
Quiz: How Jealous Are You?
You got: You're Not a Jealous Person
I got You're Not a Jealous Person. Quiz: How Jealous Are You?
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It’s pretty safe to say that you don’t have a jealous bone in your body. You’re supportive of your friends and are able to be fully excited for them and their successes. In fact, when good things happen to those around you, you’re able to thrive off of their joy and happiness. When it comes to your romantic relationships, you’re also trusting and able to see the good in people. In fact, it’s this lack of envy and jealousy that makes your connection with your S.O. that much stronger because you’re coming from a place of compassion and trust.

Going forward, it’s important to keep maintaining this altruistic spirit. You have a sturdy foundation on which to build meaningful connections with those around you, and by continuing to be the caring person you are, you’ll be able to create even more powerful relationships in your life. And while there may be times when others disappoint you with their lack of honesty, stay true to yourself and be the positive person you were born to be.

Quiz: How Jealous Are You?
You got: You're Not a Very Jealous Person
I got You're Not a Very Jealous Person. Quiz: How Jealous Are You?
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You’re not a very jealous person. It’s normal to feel a hint of resentment from time to time, but you don’t let these brief feelings of envy turn you into a negative person. Remember, you don’t have to be ecstatic every time a friend succeeds, but by sharing in their joy, you’re bringing more positive energy into your life. And in terms of your romantic relationships, it’s also perfectly natural to feel some apprehension at times, but the difference is that you don’t let these feelings overtake your relationship and ruin the connection you’re trying to build.

In the future, keep working to squash the jealous feelings that can pop up. Look within yourself to find ways to be strong even when the achievements of others can make you feel weak. And if you’re feeling distrustful of your mate in any way, talk it out before jealousy undermines your relationship. By simply treating others the way you’d like to be treated, feelings of envy don’t stand a chance.

Quiz: How Jealous Are You?
You got: You Sometimes Get Jealous
I got You Sometimes Get Jealous. Quiz: How Jealous Are You?
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You’re a bit of a jealous person, but there are ways to help you deal with these moments of envy that can actually help you improve your relationships with friends going forward. It’s clear that you don’t derive much happiness from the successes of others, and you aren’t enamored with the idea of your boyfriend or girlfriend having a life outside of you. But when you can’t help but feel jealous and mistrustful of others, your own relationships will suffer.

In the future, there are changes you can make in order to dial down the jealousy. First, if you’re feeling so distrusting of your partner that you’re impelled to sign into their accounts, this is a huge red flag. Instead of going behind your partner’s back, have an honest discussion with them about your concerns. When it comes to your friends, take the time that you spend being envious of their good fortunes and focus that energy on improving your own life. In a word, instead of comparing yourself, start repairing yourself.

Quiz: How Jealous Are You?
You got: You're a Very Jealous Person
I got You're a Very Jealous Person. Quiz: How Jealous Are You?
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You’re a very jealous person, and it’s impacting your behavior in destructive ways. In fact, it’s changing you into a resentful, controlling person who feels that the world is against you. When you can’t find ways to be happy for others and refuse to trust your significant other, you’re heading down a dangerous path. It’s important to do some real soul-searching to figure out why envy and jealousy shape your every move.

Going forward, there are some tough questions you need to answer. Have you been betrayed in the past so it’s hard to trust someone? Are you so upset with your own life that the thought of others’ successes reminds you of your own shortcomings? Are you trying to maintain a perfect social media presence that "proves" how incredible your life is? This is an exhausting way to live, and it’s time to make a real change in your life. You have the power to combat these negative thoughts so that you aren’t left feeling disappointed, hurt or let down. The change starts today.