Quiz: Are You a Good Kisser?

Are your kissing moments filled with total bliss? Take this quiz to find out.

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9. If you could sum up your thoughts about kissing in one word, it would be:
Quiz: Are You a Good Kisser?
You got: You're a Great Kisser!
I got You're a Great Kisser!. Quiz: Are You a Good Kisser?
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Congratulations! You’re a fantastic kisser who not only knows how to make kissing exciting and passionate, but also wholeheartedly enjoys doing it—which makes you an even better kisser. While some people view kissing as a chore, you take pleasure in crafting intimate kissing moments with your partner that are electrifying for both of you. Forget the boring kisses of the past, because you bring years of experience and insight to your kissing endeavors. You’re also more than willing to share your kissing expertise with others. In fact, you bring a whole new meaning to the phrase, “kiss and tell.”

Going forward, it’s important to keep enjoying yourself and having a blast when you’re kissing. Also, don’t be afraid to push the envelope in even more ways. Someone with your skill level and aptitude can experiment with all sorts of new kissing techniques. A simple online search can unlock many different kissing methods and challenges that can take you and your partner to new kissing heights.

Quiz: Are You a Good Kisser?
You got: You're a Good Kisser!
I got You're a Good Kisser!. Quiz: Are You a Good Kisser?
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You’re a good kisser! You’re confident in your kissing abilities, are able to enjoy yourself while doing it. Plus, your ability to view kissing as a fun endeavor makes it that much more enjoyable for you and your partner. In fact, one of the secrets to kissing is to not take yourself too seriously, so if you happen to clink teeth with your partner or have an awkward moment, you’re able to laugh it off and move on. By keeping things light, you can lighten the mood and diminish any stress and anxiety that can arise.

In the future, don’t be afraid to look for more ways to increase the fun in your kissing. This can be anything from increasing the amount of time that you and your partner spend kissing or simply changing the scenery around both of you. Be sure to keep the lines of communication open with your partner so that you can both contribute to finding new ways to push the envelope. The more you’re both involved, the more your kissing skills can evolve.

Quiz: Are You a Good Kisser?
You got: Your Technique Needs a Little More Work
I got Your Technique Needs a Little More Work. Quiz: Are You a Good Kisser?
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You’re still learning how to be a good kisser, and you can improve your kissing abilities with a few key steps. Since you’re still experimenting, at this point you’re still a bit of a novice. So it’s not surprising that you may simply be more comfortable with a peck on the lips or a short kiss with your partner. But now’s the perfect opportunity to transform your kissing abilities so you’ll not only know exactly what to do, but you can thoroughly enjoy yourself while doing it.

The first step toward pumping up your kissing skills is to fill up on as much kissing knowledge as possible. There are countless articles and videos that can help you to develop your kissing talents. Shed any embarrassment that you may have and take the time to learn new tactics. Kissing is a skill like anything else, and once you have a larger foundation and knowledge-base, you’ll be able to take these basic tools, put them into action and start practicing.

Quiz: Are You a Good Kisser?
You got: Your Skills Need Major Improvement
I got Your Skills Need Major Improvement. Quiz: Are You a Good Kisser?
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You’re currently not the best kisser, but you have the ability to improve your kissing skills in the future. At this point, you actively dislike kissing, and the question you should ask yourself is why you feel this way. Do you find the act of kissing gross? Do you hate kissing because you think you’re bad at it? Or maybe kissing feels so unnatural to you that you not only find it uncomfortable, but almost laughable?

Going forward, if you’re interested in increasing your kissing abilities, the first step is simply to have more confidence in yourself. You’re not a bad kisser, nor are you destined to be one. Having the confidence to want to learn more about kissing in general is an important part of the learning process. This is where the online articles and tutorials can come into play, and don’t be afraid to reach out to friends in order to learn their insights and strategies. Kissing is a skill which you can improve in exponential ways—all you need is the self-confidence to go for it.