Quiz: Are You a Flirt?

Take this quiz to find out if you're a flirt or just flirting with disaster.

Couple flirting at nightclub
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Quiz: Are You a Flirt?
You got: You're a Flirt!
I got You're a Flirt!. Quiz: Are You a Flirt?
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It’s official! You’re an extremely flirtatious person who enjoys drawing attention to yourself, engaging with others and becoming the focus of a given situation. You’re likely known as the life of the party who is fearless when it comes to getting what you want. If you see something or someone you like, you go after it. Your confidence levels are through the roof, as is the flirty vibe that you’re giving off to those around you.

While your self-assuredness is an important quality, make sure that you’re not compromising who you really are in order to keep the flirt levels high. For example, if you find yourself feigning interest in activities in order to impress a guy or girl, you’re actually undercutting what makes you unique. You can still stay true to yourself and remain flirtatious without giving up your real interests. In fact, when you make the conscious choice to be your authentic self, the kind of positive energy you’ll emit will be even more enticing to those around you.

Quiz: Are You a Flirt?
You got: You Have Some Flirtatious Qualities
I got You Have Some Flirtatious Qualities. Quiz: Are You a Flirt?
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You’re a flirtatious person, and you’re definitely in control when it comes to dialing up your flirt levels. You’re happy to use both verbal and non-verbal cues in order to engage others, but you’re still respectful of the situation at hand. In fact, it’s this kind of insight that allows you to flirt with confidence while still being courteous. For example, your PDA isn’t some out-of-control sloppy session with someone, but a type of connection that enables you to stay close with someone without alienating others.

It’s important to keep this kind of self-awareness, but you can still look for opportunities to get out of your comfort zone. While you may be used to flirting with small actions, tap into your instincts and take advantage of different situations if you’re into someone. If your non-verbal gestures aren’t giving you results, don’t be afraid to take the next step. Subtleties can get lost in translation, so you need to find new ways to state the understated.

Quiz: Are You a Flirt?
You got: You're Not Very Flirtatious
I got You're Not Very Flirtatious. Quiz: Are You a Flirt?
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You’re not a very flirtatious person, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t tap into your inner-flirt in the future. While you’re not looking to be the center of attention, there are other ways to flirt that don’t have to make you uncomfortable. In fact, even if you’re not a touchy-feely person, you can still reach others in flirtatious ways that won’t leave you feeling vulnerable or stressed.

Like anything else, flirting is a skill, and you can take simple steps that can help you improve. First, simply remember how awesome you are. Sometimes people don’t want to flirt because they have a negative self-view. Next, pump up your non-verbal flirting abilities with the simple act of smiling more. You can practice smiling wherever you go—waiting in line, sitting on public transit or eating lunch with friends. The very act of smiling can help draw others to you as well as shift the energy that you let off into the world—and emitting this kind of positive energy is the key to flirting itself.

Quiz: Are You a Flirt?
You got: You're Not Flirtatious At All
I got You're Not Flirtatious At All. Quiz: Are You a Flirt?
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It’s evident that you’re not a flirt, and your actions show that flirting is one of the last things on your mind. And while it’s a plus that you’re not faking interests in order to impress others or demanding to be the center of attention, it’s important to reflect and ask yourself why you are so disinterested in flirting. Are you embarrassed to put yourself out there? Have you’ve been burned in the past? Or is it that you don’t really know how to flirt?

Once you determine the reasons behind your current flirting level, you can then make an informed decision about how you’d like to proceed. If you’d like to improve your flirting skills, you can start by making eye contact with others and putting your best self out there. But if you’re not interested in flirting, just make sure that you aren’t completely closing yourself off from the world. Remember, you don’t have to be a flirt, but you should flirt with the idea of being open to new opportunities and people who can enrich your life.