Quincy Bulin

Quincy Bulin is a freelance writer and the editor in chief of the digital magazine Smart Girl’s Guide, which is published through The Smart Girls Group.


For the past four years, writing has consumed Quincy Bulin’s entire life. Quincy began turning her curiosity for words into a passion by submitting her work to small publications. However, Quincy quickly decided that she craved more.

While surfing the Internet, she came across an ad for The Smart Girls Group, a one-stop-shop and sisterhood for the next generation of superstar women. Quincy loved the idea of contributing to a publication that not only empowered young females but also created a community for them to collaborate and learn from each other.

What started as writing once a week for Smart Girls Group’s blog soon turned into much more—Quincy filled up her free time by volunteering to copy edit, taking on an internship and securing leadership roles. All of this lead up to her taking over the company’s digital magazine, Smart Girl’s Guide, in August 2013.

Outside of her work with Smart Girls Group, Quincy spends most of her time with young people, whether it be as a mentor, counselor or friend.


Quincy will be graduating from Fordham University in 2018 with a degree in Communications and Media Studies and an emphasis in Journalism. More importantly though, she considers herself a student of the Internet, with Code Academy and blogs being her learning tools of choice.

Quincy Bulin

I love nothing more than building connections with fellow young people and writing, so handling the Teen Advice column for About.com is a dream come true. My goal is to create a dialogue among my readers and to provide people with not only a better understanding of themselves, but others as well.

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