Questions and Answers About Aliens

What We Know About Their Existence

UFO Beaming up a Man

Aaron Foster/Getty Images

Recently, I was given a set of questions for a study on alien beings. I thought that our readers might also enjoy this. It is very basic, but gives those who are studying the alien phenomena for the first time a foundation to build on.

How Are Aliens Related to Humans?

There is no indication that aliens are related to humans. However, many researchers believe that ancient aliens may have seeded earth, that is, left their offspring to evolve on earth and eventually lead to the race we now call human beings.

Those who propose an "ancient astronaut" theory cite ancient cave drawings, rock carvings, etc. as proof of early alien intervention on earth.

There is also the possibility that alien beings produced hybrid beings with earthlings. There is no way to prove nor debunk these theories at this time.

What Do You Think Aliens Look Like?

Although there are many theories about what aliens look like, I can only go by what has been reported by those who claim to have had actual sightings or close encounters with alien beings. The case that is often referenced for an alien description is the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction.

The descriptions given by Betty Hill are very similar to those given by eyewitnesses at the Roswell Crash.

Normally they are described as small and spindly. They have gray-colored bodies with large heads and eyes that, to us, seem too large for the rest of their torso. They are called the grays.

There have been reports of many other sizes and types of aliens, ranging from tall, Nordic-type creatures to reptilian creatures, but the grays are by far the most widely reported.

Why Are People So Afraid of Aliens?

We are afraid of anything we don't understand. We have been studying UFO sightings and alien encounters for over 60 years now, yet the existence of alien beings is still a highly debated topic. We are afraid that if an alien race did land on earth, we might be relegated to a slave race, working for the aliens, or a source of food.

Some people believe that aliens would be benevolent, yet others think that they might even destroy us to use the earth for their own needs. Sci-Fi movies have offered various scenarios on this subject, and the theories presented are fodder for conversation and debate. The various accounts of alien abductions definitely recount a very sinister race of beings.

Where Do You Think Aliens Come From?

There are basically three workable theories.

A. One is that they possess highly advanced technology that enables them to travel faster than the speed of light, and therefore traverse the vast distances of the galaxy easily.

B. Another popular theory of where the aliens come from is that they exist in a parallel universe. This means that they live in the same time frame we do, but in another dimension, and can't be seen by us, except when they want to be seen. Sighting reports of UFO ships appearing, and suddenly disappearing can be explained by the parallel universe theories.

C. A third theory is that they are already living on our planet, possibly from an earlier seeding, and that they are only seen rarely. Some believe these beings live in underground or under-sea bases.

There are also many theories that propose that aliens are being kept by the governments of the world in our own institutions. This would imply that we are conversing with at least one alien race, exchanging characteristics of our existence, and milking technology.

Why Are Aliens so Interested in Our Planet?

As depicted by many Hollywood movies, many people believe that alien races might be in need of our natural resources, like water, salt, or minerals that are lacking or failing on their planet. One of the more hideous theories is that they might be running out of food on their planet, and need human beings to supplement their food source.

Many people live in fear of being invaded and controlled by beings from another world. If abduction cases are to be believed, it is almost without exception that people who claim to have been abducted by aliens are rendered helpless by these creatures.

There have been many reports of humans having close encounters with alien beings, and afterward, though disturbed, through therapy and the passage of time, were able to return to a normal life.