Quadruplets 4:3 and 4:6 in piano music.
In triple meter, quadruplets can create the feel of 4/4 or 2/4 time. Image © Brandy Kraemer

Definition of Quadruplet:

A quadruplet is a note-grouping of four, played in the length of three of its note-type. For example, sixteenth-note quadruplets span three normal sixteenth-notes.
A quadruplet is marked with a small 4 on its note-beam, bracket, or slur. If the grouping spans more than three notes, it is designated a ratio such as 4:5 or 4:6; meaning four notes in place of five or six:

Also Known As:

  • quartina (It)
  • quartolet (Fr)
  • Quartole (Ger)

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Illustrated Piano Chords:
AbmajAbma7Abma9  | AbminAbm7Abm9  | AbdimAb°7  | AbaugAb+7  | Absus2Absus4