What Does Quad Cab on a Truck Mean?

The New Dodge Dakota Quad Cab Was Unveiled
George Waldman / Getty Images

Quad cab is the term Dodge uses to describe its four-door trucks. Dodge has brought a lot of firsts to the world of pickups, from the first tuneable diesel engine to air suspensions. Like Toyota stubbornly sticking with the Double Cab term, Dodge also has a right to call their 4-door pickups something different than what the rest of the pack named them. Dodge was first to sell 4-door cab pickups…in the US. In 1963 Dodge started selling 4-door cab versions of their pickups, followed by Ford in 1965 and General Motors in 1973. Dodge was almost first but was eclipsed by Toyota and Hino’s introductions in 1962.

Even though there’s much speculation of Dodge returning to the midsize pickup market in the US, Dodge’s current double cab offerings are only available right now on their full-sized pickup, the RAM. Like Toyota, Dodge will sell you a double cab model in the 1500’s least expensive trim and with its smallest engine, the 3.6-liter V6 that can run on E85. Most manufacturers in the full-size pickup class will power a four-door pickup with at least the middle-of-the-pack engine, the reason being that a family vehicle is expected to have a higher price and deliver peppier performance than a work-only machine. The availability of a 4-door cab at a much more basic price point makes the Ram, like the Tundra, worthy of a close look for frugal families and work crew-oriented businesses.

There is one 4-door cab, however, that you absolutely cannot get with a base trim. You can’t even get it on a Ram 1500. Ram’s Mega Cab is a beast in itself, boasting measurements that are around 1 foot longer than competing 4-door cabs. The Mega Cab makes life better for rear passengers, serving up the only reclining rear seats available in a pickup truck. The Mega Cab’s rear seats can tilt back from a 22-degree to a 37-degree angle for added comfort. Besides tilting seatbacks, rear passengers in a Mega Cab are treated to a best-in-class legroom area of 44.2 inches, and the rear seats also are split 60/40, allowing them to fold flat and move forward to provide numerous configurations for maximum interior cargo capacity. The largest four-door cab available on the market today is available on SLT trims and higher for Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 models. Pickups fitted with the massive cab can only be combined with Ram’s 6.2-foot long bed. Combined with the company’s 8.2-foot long bed, the Ram would be a serious contender with configurations of the Ford F-250 and Ford F-350 for the “largest mass-production consumer vehicle in the Western Hemisphere”…and possibly the world.

If you’re shopping the used pickup market and looking for a Dodge-made quad cab pickup that’s lighter on utility, drives more like a truck on-road and can still provide moderate towing and hauling ability, a great place to start would be the Dodge Dakota Quad Cab. The Dakota was manufactured up until 2007, and lacks the refinements of the posher latest midsizes (Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Toyota Tacoma) but can be picked up for much less money. Used 4-door cab midsizes from Nissan, Ford, and Toyota are worth a look, as well, but the Tacomas tend to hold their value strongly over time.

Also Known As: SuperCrew (Ford), Crew Cab (Chevy, GMC, Nissan), Double Cab (Toyota)