Punk Clothing

Punk styles you can make.

Punk clothing is all about doing it yourself. Take something old and upcycle it into something new that says more about you. Go trash punk or glam punk, or any punk in between.

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Potato Chip Wrist Band

Potato Chip Bracelet
Potato Chip Bracelet. Rain Blanken

Do you have a favorite brand of chips? make this funky armband bracelet out of a bag of your chosen snack food. Any plastic snack bag will work. You will be shrinking it into a thick piece of plastic.

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Turn a Necktie into a Belt

Necktie Belt
Necktie Belt. Rain Blanken

A belt made of neck ties is an easy way to add a funky flair to any outfit. They have been customized and worn by stars such as Liv Tyler. Ties come in so many different patterns and colors, so it’s easy to get creative with this one. With these easy steps, you'll have a new belt in about five minutes.

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Yarn Fairy Hair Pieces

Yarn Hair
Yarn Hair. Rain Blanken

I recently found these yarn hair pieces selling for $25.00 at a local fair. The thing is, it doesn't cost nearly that much to make these, and they only take a few minutes to put together. Make you own yarn hair extensions with these materials and just a few minutes.

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Turn a T-Shirt into a Tank Top

T-Shirt Tank Top
T-Shirt Tank Top. Rain Blanken

Learn how to make a t-shirt into a tank top. We all seem to run into the same problem; T-shirts that have our favorite band, Captain Jack Sparrow, or ‘I’m With Stupid’ printed on them, but are just too big to wear. Who decided all cool t-shirts should only be worn by guys?

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Spray Paint a T-Shirt

Spray Paint Shirt
Spray Paint Shirt. Rain Blanken

Use a simple stencil to give a shirt a professional screen printed look. This is a great beginners project to customizing your own clothing. I even have a bunch of free printable stencils for you to use. Just follow these easy steps.

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Make Wristband from a Sock

Sock Wristband
Sock Wristband. Rain Blanken

Socks get holes in them all the time. They also have a great ability to lose their match. Making a wristband puts these lone and torn socks to good use.

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Make a Purse Out of T-Shirts

T-Shirt Purse
T-Shirt Purse. Rain Blanken

You are two t-shirts away from this cute bag. Use t-shirts of contrasting colors, or different screen prints for an original look. There is a little bit of hand stitching, so this is a great project for those new to sewing.

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Turn Sleeves into Arm Warmers

Sleeve Arm Warmers
Sleeve Arm Warmers. Rain Blanken

Fingerless gloves can turn any outfit into a daring statement. Create a pair of fingerless gloves from a pair of long sleeves.

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Bleach Your Jeans

Bleached Jeans
Bleached Jeans. Rain Blanken

How do you bleach jeans? This is a great DIY project for beginners. You can turn a pair of jeans into camo pants in just a couple of easy steps.

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Corset Top

Corset Top
Corset Top. Rain Blanken

This corset style top laces up the back and can be made with multiple fabrics, lace and ribbon. a sweet sleeveless look that can be customized till next Tuesday.