What Is a Comic Book Pull List?

Why You Should Get One

Chinese comics in North Point.
Michael Coyne / Getty Images

Most avid comic collectors have something called a pull list. This is the list of comics they know they’ll buy every month. Some stores offer pull list programs where they’ll set aside the comics for you each month to ensure you never miss any issues. Fan’s like to have pull lists like this because new comics are issued every week which means that missing a week could mean missing a chance to buy your favorite title. For readers who prefer to read ​physical comics missing an issue could mean being unable to continue with the story or missing important information.

Who Asks About Pull Lists?

Fans of comics can use this information in conversation to see what kind of a reader you are. If your tastes align, they might check out another comic on your pull list or be able to suggest titles for you to check out. Asking about someone’s pull list is a great way to start a conversation at your local comic shop or at a friends party. It’s a great ice breaker. Some places will even post your lists for others to peruse and there are online communities that do the same. There are even apps which let you keep a digital pull list. You can keep track of every single comic coming out every week and set alerts for your favorite ones.

What Your Pull List Says About You

If you take a look at your pull list you’ll probably notice you tend to buy from specific publishers. While some people are decidedly “Marvel” or “DC” fans, many readers don’t hold such loyalties. Even if you’re not rooting for a specific team the comics you read probably come from mostly the same publishing house. This is because different publishing houses have different creative styles and readers unknowingly drift towards particular houses. The types of comics in your pull list can tell you what kinds of stories you favor. For a while, comics were dominated by Superhero tales but the genre is branching out again. You can find science fiction, horror, fantasy and even some romance! There’s truly something for everyone in the current comic book market.

How to Make a Pull List

Creating a pull list is as easy as making a list of the comics you want to buy every month. If your local comic book store has a pull list program you can give them the list. There are also several apps which will allow you to keep digital pull lists. Many are free and you can choose the one with the features you like the most.