Best Pubic Hair Wax Products

Best Kits and Products for De-Fuzzing the Bikini

Pubic hair wax does have to be strong enough to remove thick, coarse hair but gentle enough on ​skin in this delicate zone. Here we have some of the top products to consider for tackling a DIY bikini wax or adding to your esthetician’s room if you’re a pro.

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Parissa's Wax Strips for Face & Bikini

Parissa Wax Strips Face and Bikini
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There soft pre-made strips are great for beginners. Instead of fussing with heating up wax and applying it with a stick, the product is already pre-made on a strip. They are about as easy as it gets since you can’t apply it too thick, and any stickiness washes off easily so there’s little cleanup.

16 strips (8 double-sided) can each be used more than once at a sitting- enough to do a bikini wax. You can't get more of a bargain with the kit including skin soothing azulene oil, especially if you are a beginner and don’t want to invest a lot.

Generally speaking, hair should be about ¼”, but not longer than ½” for waxing. But it’s even more important to make sure it’s short enough when using pre-made strips as it’s harder to uplift long hair. And because the wax is room temperature, rub the strips between your palms until they’re warm right before putting on hair.

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A hard wax good for pros. As of late, this has been our go to for Brazilian waxes because "it's rich and wonderful". Since calendula and tea tree have been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, it really does help to calm the skin. She's yet to have a problem with sensitive skin and coarse or curly hair has been no match for this golden boy. The best part, this is a hard wax (learn more), so there are no strips to use.

Hard wax also needs to be heated to the right consistency. It should stick onto the applicator without running off. For instructions see video: How to Use Hard Wax.

You'll have to make somewhat of an investment with the can, heater, and accessories. However, it's well worth the price and more cost-effective in the long run than small kits if you plan on to continue using it.

This is a professional product made to remove bikini hair, but instead of buying a big wax can and heater, it’s microwavable. The kit also comes with accessories and applicators. You get everything you need without a substantial investment. And if you like the wax and run out, you can buy that separately.

Remember to follow all of the manufacturer’s directions on prepping skin and using the system. Be sure to apply the wax as thick enough to ensure there is enough coverage and make sure it fully sets. If you pull it off too soon, you won’t get the hair. Pulling it off too late will only crack it. You will get the hang of it because practice makes perfect!

Always be aware of the temperature. Microwavable wax has a tendency to heat unevenly and will cool off. So be sure to re-heat as necessary to make sure it’s the right consistency.

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Shoba Sugaring Kit

shobha sugaring kit
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We admit, this isn’t a wax, but sugaring gel and it works the same way removing hair from the root with some major pluses. If you miss some hair, the gel can be re-applied without much worry of too much irritation and can be cleaned up with water. It’s all natural, less irritating than waxing, free of parabens, dyes, fragrances, petrol, resins, and waxes. You can literally eat the ingredients, although I'm sure you'd rather save it to get smooth.

You get everything you need to de-fuzz, including adorable denim strips which strong weight helps reduce the pain. And since they’re washable it saves money over buying disposable strips leaves less for landfills.

This is also microwavable, but comes in a sizable can so doesn’t cool off as quickly as some products in mini kits do. But you still have to be careful keeping it the right consistency so that it removes the hair.

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Starpil Hard European Wax
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This European wax that comes in blocks from Spain won us over with its superior quality that makes the process as comfortable as possible while also taking hair as short as 1mm long. It didn’t break or crack for her and the Natural (shown left) she tried has a really clean scent. Although it comes in other great scents like rose petal and chocolate.

Being a professional wax it’s sold in a large quantity and you’ll also need to have a warmer and buy separate cans to put the blocks in. Unfortunately, it's not sold in stores, but only available online.

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