Pubic Hair Shaping Stencils

Pubic hair shaping is a bit easier to do when you have some help to guide you in your designing. Do you want a heart, arrow, lightning bolt? Here are some stencils and kits so you can create your favorite shape or design.

An inexpensive kit from betty beauty that gives you everything you need to design at home: hair removal cream, eight stencil shapes, scissors and a trimmer. The bettybare hair removal cream is specially made for the bikini zone and works quickly. So if you don’t like shaving and the thought of waxing pain makes you cringe, this just might be for you.

Tips: When my assistant reviewed Ready betty she said had a hard time keeping the stencil on. So I would recommend placing a small amount of Vaseline or thick lotion underneath the design to keep it in place and protect hair that is part of the design from being removed.

If you don’t like hair removal cream, the stencils from betty beauty can be bought separately and used with shaving, waxing or your preferred hair removal cream. Each pack includes one of each shape: lightning bolt, flower, star, bow tie, heart, peace sign, money sign and lips.

Tips: The stencils are thin, so they will fall apart if they get in contact with a lot of water. They will work better if you use them to outline the shape with red lip liner and then use a clear shaving gel to follow the line rather than keeping the stencil on while shaving (get step-by-step directions).

These come four to a pack with same design and are made for pubic hair shaving or waxing. Their backing is similar to a post it note and available in tulip, lightening, arrow, x-shaped and star patterns.

Tips: Pubic hair shaping by shaving can create irritation and ingrown hairs. Our guide to shaving pubic hair will help you get a close shave and avoid the redness and bumps.

These stencils are made by GiGi, a leader in the professional wax industry. Each pack comes with 12 stencils total (six different shapes in two different sizes) that include a heart, star, arrow, lightning strike, lips and butterfly shapes for bikini waxing.

Tips: Waxing at home is tough enough, getting a clear bikini shape on your own is extremely difficult. I would highly suggest either going to a salon or spa that specializes in bikini designs or asking a technician if you can bring the stencil with you for your bikini wax. Just know they will probably charge you more for designing than doing a regular bikini wax.

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HCDT Stencils

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A basic kit with heart and landing strip stencils that each can be made into two sizes, a soft lead red pencil and full-color style guide. The stencils are made of strong plastic so you can get them wet without worrying about them falling apart.  Just wash and reuse again and again for pubic hair shaping.

Tips: Hair Care Down There also has a complete kit with a three-part shaving system mirror, razor, body jewels that also contains the stencils, pencils and style guide (read review).