The Top 5 Pros of Part-Time Work

Mom and son on laptops.
Katrina Wittkamp/Digital Vision/Getty Images

To some people, part-time work means having your hours reduced against your will or settling for part-time work after a long job hunt failed to land a full-time position. But there are plenty of positive aspects to part-time work if you look at it the right way. Some people actually consider the right part-time work arrangement the best of both worlds when it comes to work-life balance.

More time for family. For working moms, perhaps the most obvious benefit of part-time work is the ability to generate an income but still have enough time for your children and husband, if you're married. Whether your part-time work overlaps exactly with the school day, or you use childcare during your shift, you'll likely find that you have more energy and time to manage your household and care for yourself when you're not working 40 hours a week or more. Just think of the errands you could run when the shops aren't so crowded!

Continued career growth. For some parents, part-time work is the best alternative to quitting work altogether when children are small. They're able to continue to use their professional training and advance on the career path, albeit at a slower pace than if they'd stayed full time. You may find that you can even win promotions while working part-time if your employer is open-minded and you demonstrate the milestones you've reached along the way.

Time for education. After 10 years in the workforce, you may discover a burning desire to pursue options off-limits to people without a college or master's degree. A part-time work arrangement can help you find time for the necessary classes and associated studying. If you simply need an additional certification in order to reach the next level in your career -- or to pass a time-intensive series of exams -- a part-time position may be the way to clear time in your schedule for that needed training. For instance, many financial professionals and physicians must pass specialized exams in their field in order to continue practicing.

Some income is better than none. While working part-time almost always means less money, for many people that's better than none. When faced with the prospect of not working at all or filling a part-time role, you may decide to take what you can get. Moreover, if you have more free time, you can use some of the tips for saving money that consume more time, such as cooking all meals at home and buying at outlets in bulk.

Time to pursue a hobby. It's not always about the bottom line. Part-time employment can clear the way for you to learn to play the piano, study Chinese or train for a marathon. Sure, you can do these things while working a full-time job too, but it's probably going to be more difficult. Part-time work gives you guilt-free time to indulge without feeling you're cheating either your family or your boss.

Ultimately, when weighing whether to work part-time, you must consider the cons of part-time work as well as the pros. But don't go entirely negative as you make the decision!