The Pros and Cons of Bicycle Commuting

Is bicycle commuting right for you?

Bicycle commuting

Valentin Casarsa / Getty Images

Whether you want to help make the world a greener place, or simply want the exercise, bicycle commuting is an appealing idea. Think about it: You start your day with a pleasant, leisurely bicycle ride to work. You arrive refreshed and energized. You've got your daily dose of exercise, your blood is circulating, and now you can start your day.

For some working mothers, bicycle commuting is a great option for these reasons. However, if the mere thought of pedaling all the way to work makes you tired, then bicycle commuting may not be for you. If you're wondering whether bicycle commuting is the right option, weigh the pros and cons.

Pro: Bicycle Commuting Is Good Exercise

Whether it's two blocks or one mile each way, bicycle commuting allows for a good cardio workout as you travel to work.

Con: You Get Sweaty

Depending on the shape you're in and how long your commute is, a long bicycle commute may cause you to sweat to the point where you need another shower. You'll have to leave early to allow for time to freshen up before starting your workday.

Pro: Bicycle Commuting Helps the Environment

By not driving a car or riding a bus to work, you're helping the environment. Bicycle commuting doesn't contribute to the harmful emissions that pollute the air. By bicycle commuting to work you're making your contribution to a greener community.

Con: Bicycle Commuting Restricts Your Work Wardrobe

You can't wear your work wardrobe of a skirt and heels on your bicycle commute to work. In fact, you'll need to bring a change of clothing, and that presents yet another issue: there's nowhere to hang a suit on your bicycle.

Pro: Bicycle Commuting Allows You to Enjoy the Outdoors

Whether it's a breezy fall morning or a sunny spring day, bicycle commuting allows you to take advantage of being outdoors before having to be inside an office building all day. Bicycle riding to work allows you to enjoy the scenery, smells and sounds of your community.

Con: You Can't Bicycle Commute in Inclement Weather

When it's snowing, raining or very cold your bicycle commuting needs to be put on hold. Even if it's sunny in the morning, you may walk out of your building at the end of the day to pouring rain. There's no guarantee the weather forecast won't change. Your commute home may not be as pleasant as it was in the morning.

Pro: Bicycle Commuting Can Be a Social Experience

If you choose to bicycle ride with a buddy, you can enjoy a friend's company on the way to work, engage in socialization and share all the pluses of bicycle commuting with that person.

Con: Bicycle Commuting May Involve Traveling Over Rough or Dangerous Terrain

If your only route to work involves highways with no bike lane or narrow or bumpy roads, bicycle commuting can get dangerous. For this reason, it's always good to map out alternate routes, especially those that include bicycle lanes. Also, be conscious of bicycle safety when riding in traffic.