Prom Tips For Guys: How to Be a Good Date

Young Women Pinning Boutonnieres on Prom Dates
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For many guys, prom is the very first time you'll be on a formal date. Notice I said "formal" date. A date to any school dance is a little more involved than a casual date that consists of pizza, a movie or a bowling alley. There's a bit more effort that goes into prom date planning, and you'll have to plan at least a few weeks in advance. But don't worry, all the planning is definitely worth it. Prom is often one of the most memorable nights of high school. Plus, it's considered a rite of passage for high school guys, and even though prom can seem intimidating at first, it's pretty easy to be a good date. In fact, going to prom is good practice for all the college dances, events and even weddings you'll be attending (with the girl of your dreams, if all goes according to plan!). Here are some essential prom tips for guys:

Score a Great Prom Date

First off, to have a memorable prom, you're going to want to spend the night with a girl you like... whether she's your friend, crush or girlfriend. Don't wait too long to ask your special gal, especially if you have a feeling that some other guy wants to ask her, too. It's always charming when a guy asks a girl to prom in a unique and memorable way. Whether it's presenting her with flowers on the quad, orchestrating an elaborate scavenger hunt or even hiring a skywriter (okay, that might be a little much), it's always impressive when a guy puts some effort into his prom proposal.

Don't Forget the Corsage

A corsage (sometimes called "prom flowers") is a tiny bracelet made of fresh flowers that you'll want to give your prom date right before you go to the dance. It's a prom tradition that your date will expect you to follow through with. To get the perfect corsage, ask your date what color dress she's wearing. Then, call your town florist about a week before your prom, and order a corsage. Tell the florist what color your date's dress is, and they'll be able to match it to her outfit. Check out more on how to choose a corsage here.

Get Involved in the Limo, Pre-Party, and Post-Party Plans

Prom isn't just the dance itself... it's the photo party beforehand, the limo ride, and the after-prom party. Since you'll be attending prom as a duo, it's important to plan all the prom activities together. If you know of  a great post-prom party, tell your date about it. If you want to ride in a limo with one of your best guy friends and his date, tell your date that, too. Set aside a time to talk about all of this together before you set any plans in stone. That way, you can both share your ideas and know what's going on.

Remember to Spend Time With Your Friends and Her Friends

If you and your date have different friend groups and you're worried about who to spend prom with... compromise. You can always spend pre-prom with her friends and then do a post-prom party with your friends. You can invite people from both friend groups to ride in your limo. If it's hard to compromise, flip a coin. Remember that both friend groups will be at the prom, so you'll be able to spend time with everyone at the dance.

Get Out on the Dance Floor!

Prom is essentially a dance. They'll be a DJ spinning music, and everyone is expected to dance. After all, that's what you signed up for when you asked your date to prom! So don't be a lump and sulk in the corner. Get out on the dance floor with your date, find your friends, and shake it like there's no tomorrow. You don't have to be a professional dancer, or even good at dancing, to have fun. If you're shy about your dance moves, you can always check out these slow dancing tips for prom.

Spend Time With Your Date... Don't Ditch Them at the Dance

This seems like an obvious thing, but it's worth mentioning because it happens all too often: do not ditch your date at the prom! Eat dinner with them, dance with them, talk with them and take photos with them. It's okay to spend time with your friends too... just bring your date with you, or excuse yourself for a few minutes and let her know that you'll be right back. It is not okay to stop talking to your date in the middle of prom, leave suddenly without them, ditch them for another girl, or to ignore your date and hang with your buddies instead. You agreed to go to the dance with your date, so you should follow through with your commitment. If you're not feeling your date, just wait until the end of the dance, and then part ways. You can always go to a post-prom party alone if you don't want to hang out with your date anymore.

Have Fun!

With all these preparations, prom season can be a busy one. So remember to have fun and let loose at your prom! Dance, hang with your friends and pose for tons of pictures. Prom night happens once in a lifetime, so do all that you can to enjoy it.