Progressed Moon Through the Signs (Libra to Pisces)

Silhouette of person walking in front of a rising super moon on the rocky coast of Australia

Photo by Joel Sharpe/Getty Images

It would be a relief to go from progressed Moon in Virgo to Libra because largely, the work on self—tireless work—would cease, and one would be ready to meet the world, in the new and improved state. The prime directive here is to learn about one’s own personal grace. This will make them more receptive and available to forming new relationships.

This is a year that one could drastically change one’s physical presentation. After all, if you come from Virgo, that would be the time to perfect one’s own physical image, then one is ready to present themselves to potential partners. Libra wants us to start relating to people. We finally get to strut out our new and improved selves during this time. And get those loving “ oohs and ahhhs” we so need to feel appreciated.

Progressed Moon in Scorpio

This is where the rubber meets the road. Libra has us looking at how we relate to others, but Scorpio is asking us to go deeper. The transition between these two signs will feel uncomfortable. One minute the person is happily ensconced in a delightful relationship, and the next moment it ends abruptly and hurtfully. This is the Scorpio progressed Moon’s first shot across the bow. Relationship requirements during Scorpio progressed Moon are that much deeper and riskier. 

This is one of the most difficult progress Moon placements, because of the intense journey into the dark night of the soul. This is Scorpio’s job. Libra asked that we find balance and harmony, and compromise. During this time, we get to deal with unconscious emotional material that has kept us blocked. There will be a feeling of releasing and letting go of emotional patterns that ultimately could kill our aliveness. This progressed Moon is not for the faint of heart. This work is not for the faint of heart. It's painful but as rich as it can be.

Progressed Moon in Sagittarius

After all, that intense work in Scorpio, where the energy of emotions would have felt particularly heavy and burdensome, that progressed Moon and Sagittarius feels like getting a “get out of jail free” card! What an emotionally freeing time this can be. After all the work and all the energy expended on the inner life, the progress to move in Sagittarius person is ready to fly. Literally.

This is a time of expansion of consciousness, as well as finding oneself on an airplane 90% of the time. That airplane might be an inner airplane or an outer airplane, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that there’s a journey starting in the person's life. That’ll allow them to fly free and start to understand the meaning of all this come before. The operative word here is fun. This is a time for doors opening and seizing opportunities to expand one’s social circle one’s life.

In other words, Life’s an adventure. This is one great time to be teaching and to be writing, maybe even about what happened during the Moon’s movements through Scorpio, but with a more humorous view of the process! 

Progressed Moon in Capricorn

When the progressed Moon moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn, there’s a definite shift from having fun to getting serious about things.

Sagittarius is hardly self-disciplined, and is largely spontaneous—there isn’t necessarily a lot of work that gets done. There’s more concerned with playing and exploring. However, Capricorn is much more serious about looking at one’s life goals and one’s ambition in life. There is a real sense of wanting to stay in reality.

This 2 1/2 year period will force the person to look at long-term goals, particularly if the person is older. That means how does one want to be remembered when they are not here anymore. What kind of legacy is left behind? This is the time to make plans and see them through. The hard part about this progressed Moon is that the person will be all work and no play. However, during this time, the lessons of learning about self-application, are more important. Achievements could be great at this time. Also, a priority is learning how to express one’s truth, and learn how to live that truth in the physical reality of life. 

Progressed Moon in Aquarius

While Capricorn is concerned about following and making rules, Aquarius is about breaking them! This will be a time of great personal rebellion. Freedom is the keyword. Say, for instance, the person with the progress Capricorn Moon who has been working diligently for 2 1/2 years to build a business, decides it’s time to jump off and do something completely different. Or, will be decided to change the company they have started into a nonprofit. 

The key here is this: Capricorn is looking for achievement, and Aquarius is looking for giving back to humanity. Too much work and too much structure make for a very restless soul. That restlessness will leak out into every area of the person's life. That energy must be acknowledged and accepted. This is truly a time of discovering one’s own individual purpose. Where Capricorn gives us the skills and the ability to meet one’s goals and create rules for ourselves, Aquarius gives us the ability to change the rules. 

Progressed Moon in Pisces

Coming from the frenetic energy of Aquarius, where we are making great strides at finding out who we really are, Pisces is the real change. After we have begun to identify ourselves with our idiosyncrasies and unique qualities, Pisces asks us to let those go and merge with something much greater than ourselves. This process is truly about surrendering and letting go.

Aquarius can be quite nervy and anxious, but Pisces is blissful and calm. That would be one of the very first noticeable shifts—the feeling of the anxiety leaving the body and being replaced by soft gentle comfort. Life drastically changes because the person is seeking solace and peace. Maybe looking for some avenue of expression of that peace like doing something that enhances that, such as music, or meditation, and for sure, a lot of rest.

For those who are rigidly self-controlling, this will be a particularly difficult time. This is not the time for ambitious work—this is the time for spiritual work. There is a natural tendency during this progressive Moon to recluse away from life. This time will be necessary because the body/mind/spirit is regenerating itself for its new phase of awareness when the progressed Moon moves into Aries. Then the energy will be released in a whole new way.