Progressed Moon through the Signs (Aries to Virgo)

Undercurrents of Evolution

The Moon
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Progressed Moon into Aries

  During the 2-1/2 years of the progressed Moon in Pisces, the lessons are soft and ephemeral -- there is a real sense of letting go of just about everything at that time and finding a bigger meaning in life.  The pace of life would be slower and more fluid; emotions are more keenly felt, and intuition is the way of life.  When the shift starts to occur into Aries, it could be quite a jolt inside, when leaving the gentle emotional embrace of Pisces, and jolting into the fire of Aries.

Accompanying that is an increase in physical energy and the general sense of the brain “defogging.”  Instead of floating, the entire being would become fully “on pointe.”  Instead of putting themselves last, they realize they need to put themselves first.  

That first morning when the statement What about ME?” is uttered, the shift is underway.  The necessity of progressed Moon in Aries is truly learning that the next 2-1/2 years will be lessons of putting oneself first, and life will set up such challenges to move towards learning courage and defending oneself, rather than being passive about life.

Progressed Moon into Taurus

During the progressed Moon moving through Aries, the energy is high and is continually driving forward making things happen, with an intense desire for self-discovery.  The person would feel an urgency to get as much done as possible in the shortest amount of time.  The pace of life is fast and furious and doesn’t allow much rest.  

Rest.  Oh, THAT.  When the progressed Moon is about to move into Taurus, the experience might entail feeling like all the energy has abruptly ended, and the person just wants to lump up and do nothing.  And would it be any wonder?  After all those months of jousting and playing the warrior? The battles are done, for now.  The body would need rest after all that energy being expended.  It would be time to come home and put the feet up. 

And herein, is the lesson during a Taurus progressed Moon.  Feel the body.  Feel it rest.  And enjoy it.  Stay put. There’s nothing more that needs to be done, than that.  The band, the Who, was formed when Pete Townshend had his progressed Moon through Taurus; the vision/art took a physical form.

Progressed Moon in Gemini

Taurus progressed moon, at some point, will want to get up off the couch.  The rest period is over.  When the body has a time-out and finally is rested and sated, its time to do something.  During a progressed Moon in Taurus, every part of us gets to rest, including the mind.  There just isn’t any interest in moving, physically or mentally.  And that's OK.  When, though, we feel the winds change towards Gemini, the mind wakes up to new possibilities -- as Steven Forrest says -- the desire to feel amazed about life.

The transition felt here would be from physical to mental.  And the avenue of amazement is all about new ideas. This is the enthusiastic child that's always asking “Why” to everything.  The curiosity switch is completely thrown on.  This is a highly energetic progressed Moon -- the excitement of discovery lies around every corner.  There will be books stacked up in every room -- the mind won’t be able to get enough of becoming saturated with information.  And its fun, and possibly productive -- many a good book was likely written during the progressed Moon in Gemini (Lord of the Rings was written under this influence).

Progressed Moon in Cancer 

The Moon, whether progressed, or natal, is at home here, and that would be the material (or is that maternal?) point.  After staying in one’s head for the progressed Moon in Gemini’s duration, the heart and emotions could feel very neglected.  So, what are we feeling?  That's the point, what ARE we feeling?  Once the mind is working well, it's time to check in with our feeling nature. 

The awareness goes inward, and the objective is to find moments of sweetness and caring.  This isn’t a progressed Moon that's looking for outward stimulation -- the inner stimulation will be ripe and rich, for 2-1/2 years. The goal is security during this time.  Steven Forrest says that security comes from freeing oneself from caring about what the outer world is doing, or what it feels.  It is common to seek emotional sanctuary at that time -- to find a private “hidey-hole” where we can experience a new level of security and safety. 

As well as activities at this juncture revolving around one’s inner life, family, parents, children will also play a major role in this evolutionary process.  Learning the nurturing principle starts at home - within the self, as well as within the family nest.  Many events could transpire during this time, such as becoming a mother, or assuming that responsibility with others.  This time is precious since this progressed Moon feels right at home in its own skin.  

Progressed Moon in Leo

The inner life, coming from Cancer, has become richer and more substantive.  Because of the focus inward during that time, there will be new experiences of inner joy and contentment.  And as the progressed moon moves into Leo, that inner joy bubbles out and wants to be expressed -- AND noticed.  This isn’t a time to hold back -- this is a time to be seen.  And enjoy being seen. 

The drive here is to come out of that Cancerian “hidey-hole” and show the world, and yourself, that you’re pretty awesome.  Who is more awesome than you?  NO one!  This isn’t a time to be serious, this is a time to play and recreate -- in this case, re-create your own inner child.  Wonderful work for this progressed Moon is to learn to play, just in case that has never happened before.  Those who have learned to grow up too soon in life could experience this event as difficult -- only because they’re learning to develop that part of themselves that was overlooked when they were children. Self-expression is the goal and will take center stage for that time the progressed Moon is in Leo.  Shing on center stage, of course, is the prime directive.

Progressed Moon in Virgo

After the progressed Moon in Leo has passed, and the individual is convinced they are royalty and cannot do any wrong - the progressed moon moves into Virgo, and we don’t feel like we’re all that, anymore.  Truly, this is a humbling tough lesson.  The needs change abruptly. It would be like the king surveying his kingdom and not having a housekeeper for those 2 1/2 years and looking around and say, ”Oh dear, I guess I better clean up the place.” And not just cleaning up the physical space, but the inner space, as well. This could be a time of awareness of one’s personal health issues and get him one and start taking care of them. The real work here is about self-improvement - not self-abnegation or being self-critical, although that can be a part of it - but self constructive work. This is truly an opportunity for self-examination in minute detail. Bottom line - and “getting it right” within one’s self.