Profile of the Hulk

The Incredible Hulk
Copyright Marvel Comics

Real Name: Bruce Banner

Location: Wherever the carnage is.

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #1 (1962)

Created By: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Team Affiliations: Avengers, Defenders

Currently Seen In: Incredible Hulk, Marvel Age: Hulk

Super Strength.
Superhuman speed and constitution.
Enhanced healing abilities.


When Bruce Banner changes into the Hulk, he becomes an unstoppable beast of near unlimited strength, power, and destruction. The Hulk’s strength is probably the greatest in the Marvel universe, with many foes falling to his thunderous attacks. The Hulk is also able to leap great distances traveling for miles before bounding upwards again.

For his size, the Hulk is incredibly fast and can run great distances at extreme speeds. He generally travels by jumping as described above though. The hulk is also highly resistant to damage, being near impervious to most forms of damage. Very little has been known to faze the Hulk, except those of the same power level as the Hulk such as The Thing, Thor, Abomination, and others.

Even when the Hulk is damaged, he heals quickly, and his endurance makes him an untiring creature capable of immense destruction. The Hulk is truly a marvel, both in his capability to defeat any enemy that would get in his way and as a being capable of destroying much that mankind has worked so hard to create.

Interesting Fact

In "The Incredible Hulk #1" The Hulk was not green, he was grey!

Main Villains:

The Abomination
General Thunderbolt Ross
Absorbing Man


Bruce Banner was a top scientist for the military that was working on a gamma bomb, a weapon of massive destructive power. During a test of the gamma bomb, Bruce noticed a young teenager by the name of Rick Jones had entered the test site. Bruce rushed to aide the young man, and in pushing Rick into a trench, exposed himself to the rays of the gamma bomb. The result of this exposure would be to transform gentle Bruce Banner into the destructive monster known as The Incredible Hulk.

The Hulk has gone through many different personality transformations during his lifetime. At first, the Hulk had very little of Bruce Banner in him and was easily angered, making him a threat to mankind. Banner was able to control the beast for a time and went on to help form the Avengers in the process. However, his control would wane, and the Hulk continued to threaten the world.

Another gamma powered being, Doc Samson, who was also a psychiatrist, attempted to treat Banner. He successfully freed Bruce from the Hulk persona, but when the Hulk threatened to continue to destroy all around him, Bruce reformed with the Hulk, shattering his persona in the process. What emerged was the Grey Hulk, known as “Mr. Fixit.” This version had the intellect of Banner but maintained the savage side of the hulk.

Doc Samson further tried to help Banner, and through hypnosis, helped him to create the “Professor Hulk.” This entity appeared to have the full intellect and personality of Bruce Banner, but the powers of the Hulk. After much inner battle, Bruce has had to make a deal with the three main personas of the Hulk, each taking turns to control the beast.

Recently, The Hulk has gone back to being more like his earlier incarnation, easily angered with a limited intellect. This Hulk became part of a scheme from S.H.I.E.L.D to help them destroy a satellite called the Godseye, a S.H.I.E.L.D. weapon that had fallen into the hands of the terrorist group Hydra and had the ability to replicate the strength of any enemy it faced. The Hulk succeeded but was soon to be betrayed by his new employers.

The Illuminati, a group of superhumans - including Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Nick Fury - working to protect mankind and operate behind the scenes to better the world, saw an opportunity to rid the earth of The Hulk. When he was picked up by a shuttle to return to earth, he was sent into a wormhole destined for a desolate planet. Instead, he landed on Planet Sakaar, where The Hulk became known as The Green Scar and unintentionally helped to lead a revolution against the corrupt emperor. On this planet, The Hulk found peace, love, and people who adored him. This all ended when the ship that had taken him to Sakaar exploded, killing millions, including his new wife. The resulting explosion destroyed the planet, and the Hulk swore vengeance on those he deemed responsible for the death of his loved ones.

Arriving on Earth, he systematically defeated Black Bolt, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, and The Sentry before the Hulk before he finally changed back into Bruce Banner with New York torn into pieces. When one of his own Warbound, the insectoid Miek, turned on the Hulk, revealing it was he that had detonated the ship, Banner changed back into the Hulk, consumed with rage. He then asked Iron Man to stop him as he feared he would destroy the world in their rage. Iron Man turned all the defensive satellites upon The Hulk and defeated him.

With The Hulk imprisoned, a new red Hulk has emerged, as well as a new Abomination. It seems the only one who can stop these threats could be The Incredible Hulk.