The Pro Wrestling Injury Report

The Matches May Be Staged but the Danger of Injury Is All Too Real

Pat Patricks fights Mason Daniels during the New Zealand Pro Wrestling Winter Warfare Fight Night.
Hannah Peters/Getty Images

Wrestling is dangerous, and sometimes the wrestlers suffer severe injuries. The injuries involve wrestlers' knees, shoulders, ankles, and necks. They often lead to surgeries, months of recovery and even retirement. Below is a listing of pro wrestlers who have been injured in the past couple of years alone!

Knee Injuries

  • Luke Harper - During a "RAW Dark Match" in March 2015, Harper suffered a knee injury and underwent surgery a few weeks later. He did not return to WWE action until Oct. 5, 2016 -- nearly seven months after he was injured.
  • Seth Rollins - Rollins suffered a "devastating knee injury at a live event in Dublin, Ireland" in November 2015 and was stripped of his WWE world heavyweight championship the next day, according to WWE. He returned half a year later, Wikipedia notes, for an "Extreme Rules" event on May 22, where he fought Roman Reigns.

Neck and Shoulder Injuries

  • Nikki Bella - Bella underwent neck surgery in November 2015, the WWE reported. She did not return until five months later, for "WrestleMania 32."
  • Sting - Sting announced his retirement during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech in April 2016. At "Night of Champions" in September 2015, Sting had suffered a neck injury during his match against then-world heavyweight champion Rollins in what turned out to be Sting's final match. 
  • Tyson Kidd - Kidd -- whose real name is Theodore James Wilson -- suffered a neck injury after Samoa Joe performed a "muscle buster" move on him in a June 2015 match. Wilson had neck surgery and told his fans in a July Twitter posting that only "5% of people survive this injury" adding that the surgery left him with "16 staples, 4 screws and a rod ... and luckily I survived to tell my story." 
  • John Cena - Cena underwent shoulder surgery in January 2016,  He returned two months later for "WrestleMania 32" on April 3, 2016.
  • Randy Orton - The Wrestling Observer reported that Orton hurt his shoulder while taking out the garbage in October 2015. He was out for months, returning on a July 7 episode of "SmackDown."

Other Injuries

  • Bray Wyatt - Wyatt suffered a calf injury during a house show event in Italy on April 13, 2016. Wyatt's recovery took more than two months, but he did return to pro wrestling in late June.
  • Daniel Bryan - In February 2016, Bryan announced his retirement due to concussion-related issues.
  • Enzo Amore - Amore suffered a concussion during his match at "Payback 2016" on May 1. He did return two months later on July 4.
  • Neville - During a match against Chris Jericho in March 2016 that was televised on RAW, Neville suffered a broken ankle. Neville was out of action for four months.