Overnight Packing Lists for Kids

What to Pack In An Overnight Bag for Your Kids' Sleepover

When it comes to regular overnight visits, you want to equip your kids to eventually take responsibility for packing all of their own stuff. After all, you don't want the responsibility — and anxiety — of that left-behind toy or homework assignment to rest on your shoulders. Print a copy of this packing list and use it to teach your children how to pack their own overnight bags.


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___ Toothbrush
___ Toothpaste
___ Hairbrush
___ Hair accessories (if needed)
___ Hair products (spray bottle, gel, etc.)
___ Shampoo and/or conditioner (if needed)
___ Body wash or soap (if needed)


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___ Pajamas/sleep attire
___ Jeans/pants/shorts (one per day)
___ Tops (one for each day)
___ Undergarments (one pair per day)
___ Socks (one pair per day)
___ Shoes (if additional shoes are necessary)
___ Sweatshirt
___ Outerwear (as needed)


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___ Books to read
___ Homework assignments
___ Journal and pen/pencil
___ Favorite stuffed animal or toy
___ Games

Seasonal Items

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In Cold Weather, Pack:
___ Winter coats
___ Gloves
___ Hat
___ Boots
In Warm Weather, Pack:
___ Swimsuit
___ Beach towel
___ Sandals
___ Sunblock