Boxer 'Prince' Naseem Hamed's Record

Prince Naseem Hamed 2016
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Naseem Hamed, nicknamed "Prince" and "Naz," is a retired professional boxer from Great Britain who fought from 1992 to 2002. He was known for both his stellar fight record in multiple weight classes and his flamboyant persona and antics in the ring.

Early Life

Born in Great Britain to parents who had immigrated from Yemen, Hamed (born Feb. 12, 1974) grew up in Sheffield, England. He became involved in youth boxing at an early age, and it quickly became apparent that Hamed had a special talent. By the time he was 18, he had turned pro and was fighting in the flyweight division.

Boxing Career

Hamed won his first title in 1994, defeating Vincenzo Belcastro to take the European bantamweight belt. That same year, he also claimed the WBC International Super-Bantamweight title by defeating Freddy Cruz. Hamed would successfully defend his WBC title six times during the course of his career. Hamed's future looked bright.

In 1995, despite the objections of some, Hamed was allowed to fight in the World Boxing Organization's featherweight division, although he hadn't previously done so. This allowed Hamed to challenge reigning champ, Steve Robinson. Hamed beat the Welsh boxer in eight rounds, claiming the featherweight belt and becoming the youngest British fighter to become world champion. He was just 21 years old.

Over the next seven years, Hamed would successfully defend his featherweight title 16 times. As his fame grew, so did his antics. Hamed dubbed himself "Prince," the name emblazoned in bold letters across the waistband of his flamboyantly pattered boxing trunks, while fans and sportswriters called him "Naz."

Hamed would regularly somersault over the ropes of the ring, and staged a series of elaborate entries. For one match, he descended from the rafters aboard a flying carpet. For another match, he arrived sitting atop the back of a convertible. In yet another fight, Naseem entered to the sounds of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," mimicking the performer's famous moves.

By 2000, Prince Naseem Hamed was considered one of the best boxers of his generation. In August of that year, he successfully defended his featherweight title against Augie Sanchez. But Hamed fractured his hand during the match, forcing him to take time off. When he returned the following year, Hamed had put on 35 pounds. His next target was a Superfight against the up-and-coming Mexican featherweight Marco Antonio Barrera.

The match, held in Las Vegas on April 7, 2001, did not go well for Hamed. He lost to Barrera in a unanimous decision after 12 rounds. It was Hamed's first loss. He fought only once more, winning the International Boxing Organization's featherweight title in 2002 before retiring. In 2015, Hamed was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Overall Fight Record

"Prince" Naseem Hamed retired in 2002 with a record of 36 wins, 1 loss, and 31 knockouts. Here's a year-by-year breakdown:

Apr. 14: Ricky Beard, Mansfield, England, KO 2
Apr. 25: Shaun Norman, Manchester, England, TKO 2
May 23: Andrew Bloomer, Birmingham, England, TKO 2
July 14: Miguel Matthews, Mayfield, England, TKO 3
Oct. 7: Des Gargano, Sunderland, England, KO 4
Nov. 12: Pete Buckley, Liverpool, England, W 6

Feb. 24: Alan Ley, Wembley, England, KO 2
May 26: Kevin Jenkins, Mansfield, England, TKO 3
Sep. 24: Chris Clarkson, Dublin, Ireland, KO 2

Jan. 29: Peter Buckley, Cardiff, Wales, TKO 4
Apr. 9: John Miceli, Mansfield, England, KO 1
May 11: Vincenzo Belcastro, Sheffield, England, W 12
Aug. 17: Antonio Picarde, Sheffield, England, TKO 3
Oct. 12: Freddie Cruz, Sheffield, England, TKO 6
Nov. 19: Laureano Ramirez, Cardiff, Wales, TKO 3

Jan. 21: Armando Castro, Glasgow, Scotland, TKO 4
Mar. 4: Sergio Liendo, Livingston, Scotland, KO 2
May 6: Enrique Angeles, Shepton Mallet, England, KO 2
July 1: Juan Polo-Perez, Kensington, England, KO 2
Sep. 30: Steve Robinson, Cardiff, Wales, KO 8

Mar. 16: Said Lawal, Glasgow, Scotland, KO 1
June 8: Daniel Alicea, Newcastle, England, KO 2
Aug. 31: Manual Medina, Dublin, Ireland, TKO 11
Nov. 9: Remigio Molina, Manchester, England TKO 2

Feb. 6: Tom Johnson, London, England, TKO 8
(Won IBF featherweight title)
May 3: Billy Hardy, Manchester, England, TKO 1
(Retained IBF featherweight title)
July 19: Juan Cabrera, London, England, TKO 2
Oct. 11: Jose Badillo, Sheffield, England, TKO 7
Dec. 19: Kevin Kelley, New York City, KO 4

Apr. 18: Wilfredo Vazquez, Manchester, England, TKO 7
Oct. 31: Wayne McCullough, Atlantic City, W 12

Apr. 10: Paul Ingle, Manchester, England, TKO 11
Oct. 22: Cesar Soto, Detroit, W 12
(Captured WBC featherweight title)

Mar. 11: Vuyani Bungu, London, England, KO 4
Aug. 19: Augie Sanchez, Mashantucket, Connecticut, KO 4

Apr. 7: Marco Antonio Barrera, Las Vegas, Nevada, L 12

May 18: Manuel Calvo, London, England, W 12