Prince Albert or PA - Popular Penis (Genital) Piercing for Men

10 gauge captive bead ring
Photo: 10 gauge captive bed ring/ 

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Male Genital: Prince Albert

The Prince Albert is probably the most popular of all male piercings. The healing process is faster than most, and it has been considered to be the most sexually appealing male piercing. The Prince Albert piercing, in most cases, is performed by inserting a needle receiving tube into the urethra and then starting the needle from the outside and feeding it out through the tube. There are not many complications associated with this piercing. There is always a chance of rejection, but the likelihood is minimal. Even the wearer's own urine actually serves as a healing agent, and it is not necessary to clean the piercing after urination.

Reverse Prince Albert The other variation of the Prince Albert is the Reverse Prince Albert, which is essentially the same, but the jewelry circles around to the top of the glans (head) instead of the bottom.

Recommended jewelry: 10 gauge captive bead ring or circular barbell. The circular barbell may be more comfortable, especially for the uncircumcised wearer.

Expected healing time: 2 - 4 months

Sexual limitations: Abstinence for at least one week, and careful sexual activity afterward. Condom should be worn during entire healing process.

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