Primal Wear Rock Jerseys - Review

Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Pollution

(c) Primal Wear

Cycling wear can be pretty predictable, right? There's only so many Hincapie jerseys or items of Pearl Izumi bike wear a person can have. Good thing that Primal Wear's rock line offer a change of scenery and a chance for you to show your rock & roll colors.

Monsters of Rock

I don't know if you've ever tried to lump together rock & roll with bike riding, but Primal Wear's line of rock apparel passes some of the biggest names in music on some pretty sweet cycling gear. This collection offers jerseys, shorts, and socks as well as arm and leg warmers with colorful logos from your favorite band, leaning heaviest toward 70's and 80's hard rock. Most prominent in the selection are AC/DC, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith and the Doors, with a nod to the metal side of things with Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest also represented, among others.

Quality Graphics and Terrific Detail and Color

I had the chance to review a couple of the Primal Wear rock jerseys. Some of the jerseys carry the logo from a particular band (such as the Rolling Stones' famous tongue); others recreate famous album covers. For the first jersey, I intentionally selected one that carried Metallica's Ride the Lightning album cover because I wanted to see how well the complicated graphics could be recreated on a jersey. The second I picked was a club jersey with a simpler Iron Maiden logo motif in orange and black.

The first thing I noticed when I received the jerseys was the brilliance of the colors used. The thunderbolt/electric chair theme represented in the Ride the Lightning cover has a deep hued combination of white, black and blue, and the designers of the Primal Wear jersey did a terrific job of recreating that look on the shirt. Secondly, the degree to which the detail was replicated on the jersey was terrific. It's tough to make images on material look as sharp as they do on an album cover, but these jerseys come pretty darn close.

I like the look of the second jersey too. These are the ones with the more basic logo designs, such as AC/DC and Iron Maiden. The clean lines and crisp colors make a distinct impression, and I've found that the colors have stayed bright through multiple washings.

Nice Construction and Features

The jerseys are smartly designed, too, and will live up to the expectation of any serious cyclist. The Prosensor Advanced Moisture Transfer fabric used by Primal Wear is very comfortable and a good choice of material for riding under a wide range of conditions. It does a nice job of wicking away perspiration but yet is heavy enough that it will do you right on cooler days as well.

Three deep pockets in the back go far down into the generously long-cut back. I'm not saying you could tuck an accordion in there, but they are plenty roomy, and I'm normally picky about stuff like that.

The 3/4 club cut styling with 20-inch hidden zipper makes for a very comfortable fit, and you'll be pleased with they way they look and feel.

Rock & Roll is Here to Stay

So if you like rock & roll, and you like bike riding, you'll enjoy these Primal Wear jerseys, particularly if you've got an allegiance to a particular band offered in this collection. This line of rock and roll apparel is a natural fit with Primal Wear's whole range, which includes jerseys with beer, military, TV themes and more. Even Curious George and Scarface are represented. There's something to like for everyone.