'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2 Summer Episodes Overview

Pretty Little Liars

Andrew Eccles/2010 Disney/ABC Television Group

Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily continue to try and solve Ali's murder and figure out who A is in the season 2 summer episodes of Pretty Little Liars.

Ian Thomas

The girls believe Ian is still alive and follow clues to find him after Spencer sees a message from him on her sister's phone. When they find him, however, he's dead. He has a suicide note that the girls recognize is from A. People believe that Ian was Ali's killer. The girls do not, but no one believes them.

The Boyfriends

Spencer continues to see Toby, even though her father forbids it. He hires Toby to redo the backyard. Toby finds Spencer's old hockey stick and she remembers giving it to Ali. She suspects that Jason hit Ali with it before burying her. Spencer's father burns the hockey stick. Spencer breaks up with Toby in order to save him from A.
Aria and Ezra decide to tell people about their relationship, starting with her parents. Before Aria can tell them, Ella asks her if Ezra is having an affair with Spencer. She goes on to say how deplorable it would be if he were seeing a student. Later Ella confronts Ezra and he tries to explain, but then realizes that she thinks he's seeing Spencer.
One task that A gives Aria is to make Jackie go away. With the instructions is a copy of Jackie's paper along with a copy from the book she plagiarized from. Aria doesn't want to use it but does because of A's threats. Jackie says she's not leaving and will not back down. She is determined to take Ezra from Aria.
Aria also begins hanging out with Jason, despite the other girls believing he may have murdered his sister. He kisses Aria and she lets him. She later tells Ezra. Emily sees Samara a couple of times, but A forces them apart. She calls Maya and they start up a friendship again.
Hanna misses Caleb terribly when he goes to California to see his mother.

Jason DiLaurentis

Spencer wonders what Jason has in his locked shed. While spying on him, she sees where he leaves the key, and she and Emily go to investigate. Inside, they find a dark room, full of pictures of Aria. When they return, the darkroom is empty.
Aria asks Jason about the photos and he says that he'd found some film of Ali's and he'd developed it. It all disappeared because he took them to be framed as a gift for Aria.
Jason put newspapers up on his windows so that no one could see in. Several times, Spencer could see that he was not alone. One night she goes over to see what is going on, right as her father comes out of Jason's house. He won't tell her what he is doing there but later admits to changing Jason and Ali's grandmother's will because Jason had been written out of it.
Later, Spencer sees her father and Jason arguing.

A's Tricks

Emily gets the worst of A's tricks when A puts Human Growth Hormone in Emily's cream, makes her slip her phone number to one of Samara's friends, and leads her to a barn and shuts her inside with a locked car that is running. She makes Aria confront Jackie, and Spencer break up with Toby.
She makes Hanna look like a fool in front of her step-sister-to-be, and makes her break up her father's wedding. Hanna breaks up the wedding just as they are about to say "I Do" by telling Isabel that he'd hooked up with Hanna's mother.

The Therapist

Veronica Hastings believes the girls should see a therapist. She gets the other parents to agree and against their wills, the girls go to see Dr. Sullivan.
During their first meeting, the girls don't say much. After the meeting, the girls discuss telling Dr. Sullivan the truth but decide against it. Dr. Sullivan believes it might be better for them to see her separately.
Emily decides to tell Dr. Sullivan about A. When she goes to the office, the other girls are there and they tell Dr. Sullivan together. After this, Dr. Sullivan feels like she's being followed.
Dr. Sullivan looks through her patient records and figures out who A is. She calls the girls to her office, but when they get there, she is not there. They get a message from A saying they must do what A wants or Dr. Sullivan dies.
It's a setup. The girls dig where they think Dr. Sullivan has been buried alive and are taken into custody by Darren Wilden. The shovel they were using (that A had left for them) was the same shovel that Ali was hit over the head with before she was buried alive.
Later, we see Dr. Sullivan, upset, talking to A, saying she's done everything A has asked her to do. A hands her an envelope.

Page 5

Spencer and Aria, and later Hanna, work as Candy Stripers to get access to Ali's file. Spencer notices that page 5 is missing. At the police department, after they bring the girls in for Ali's murder, the officers also notice that page 5 is missing.
Later, we see Garrett hand page 5 to Jenna, and Jenna say that their setup had worked perfectly. They have to wait to get into Jason's storage shed, then Garrett will resign from the police department.