Work-From-Home Jobs for Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman sitting in a home office

Dean Mitchell/Getty Images

If you’re looking for a job and you’re pregnant, or if a high-risk pregnancy is preventing you from reporting to work but you still need a paycheck, you still have some work options.

Your doctor may suggest that you restrict activity during your pregnancy, especially if it’s considered a high-risk pregnancy. If this is the case, then working from home is likely your best option. Several types of work-from-home jobs allow expectant mothers to make money and still get the rest they need.

It’s possible that you already hold a job that can be done remotely. In that case, ask your employer if you can work from home until your maternity leave begins. (In some cases, bed rest could warrant early maternity pay. Check with your employer on this issue.)

Otherwise, try looking into one of the following lines of work. If you decide that you want to pursue one of these options, do a job search with one of the many companies that help mothers look for home-based work. Just be sure to clear any work arrangements with your physician first.

Freelance Writer

Are you creative and able to write well? Can you hit deadlines and express your thoughts clearly in written form? Work as a freelance writer may be what you're looking for. These types of gigs may ask for writing samples, so a good way to start preparing for this career is to write and publish blog posts on your own website or LinkedIn. Most companies pay per article, per page views for online publishing, or both.

Virtual Assistant

Being organized and getting the little things done is something every business person needs, especially entrepreneurs. Virtual assistants free up their time to create and sell their products. For this type of role, you'll need excellent Microsoft Office skills, quick email management, and a stock of online tools to keep schedules straight and transfer files (for example, Google Calendar and Drive). Some assistants are paid per task, while others are paid per hour. If you're interested in this line of work, check out the International Virtual Assistants Association.

Data Processor

So much written or recorded data needs to be processed into a system in order for businesses to function, and a data processor is usually responsible for that task. This type of role requires extremely good organizational skills and the ability to stay focused while doing repetitive functions. Usually you are given source data—paper files or audio clips, for example—and are asked to transcribe them and enter the results into a database for easy retrieval.

Online Community Manager or Social Media Manager

This type of work can require building, managing, and maintaining an online community that resides on a business website or social media channels. People who do this job create content for users to talk about, moderate comments, and encourage the conversation to help build the company brand or cause. It could also mean managing and posting content on a brand's social media accounts, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Corporate Recruiter

If you have a human resources background and are a good judge of character, then corporate recruiting work, sometimes known as headhunting, could be for you. Recruiters are responsible for crafting job descriptions, conducting phone and prescreening interviews, developing a pool of qualified candidates, and coordinating final interview schedules. This type of position involves excellent written and verbal communication skills and a hunger to find the right fit for an organization.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Do you feel uneasy looking for work while pregnant? The Pregnancy Discrimination Act, passed by the U.S. Congress in 1978, says employers can't deny a woman a job simply because she is pregnant, so don't let pregnancy stop you from looking around for something new.