PowerStik Weighted Golf Swing Trainer

The Bottom Line

The PowerStik is a deceptively simply golf training aid that combines the best possible elements one can find in a training aid: ease of use and effectiveness. As a bonus, its cost isn't likely to break any golfer's bank. And using the PowerStik before a round of golf is also a good way to warm up.

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  • Works the golf muscles, improving flexibility and strength.
  • Weighted head makes it easy to keep track of clubhead in swing, improving feel.
  • Training grip positions hands on the handle correctly.


  • Full length makes indoor use dicey (or impossible for some).
  • No instructions with club when delivered (company is addressing this issue).


  • The PowerStik is a weighted swing trainer.
  • It features a standard steel golf shaft with a weight in place of clubhead.
  • The weight moves 75 percent of PowerStik's total weight to the "clubhead."
  • PowerStik can be purchased with either Tour Wrap grip or Training Grip.
  • Training Grip's grooves and slots force hands into proper grip position.
  • Regimen detailed on company website provides plan for using PowerStik.
  • Sticking to regimen addresses issues of flexibility, strength, awareness of clubhead and balance.
  • At time of writing, company offered a 30-day, money-back guarantee.
  • At time of writing, MSRP for PowerStik was $69.95.

Guide Review - PowerStik

How easy is it to use the PowerStik? All you have to do is swing it.

The PowerStik falls into one of the most common categories of golf training aids, the weighted swing trainer. Its aim is to increase a golfer's flexibility and strength, which can lead to greater swing speed and more distance; and to increase the golfer's awareness of the clubhead in the swing, which can lead to greater accuracy.

One fan of the PowerStik is golf fitness expert Mike Pedersen. "It's a standard size, so it feels like a real club," Pedersen said. "You get a real sense of where the clubhead is during the whole swing. (The formed grip) reinforces the proper grip and makes it a little easier to hold onto."

A simple regimen for using the PowerStik is detailed on the company website.

We made about 20 swings with ours the first evening we had it. We played golf the next morning, and we could already feel a huge difference. Our clubs felt light as feathers, while the clubhead was very easy to keep track of. It was impressive to feel such an immediate (albeit shortlasting, the first time) impact.

Because the PowerStik is so easy to use, it's equally easy to continue using. Practice with the PowerStik is not a chore, which makes sticking to the regimen a breeze.

The full length of the PowerStik is, overall, a plus; however, it does make the PowerStik inconvenient (impossible for some) to use indoors. That will be a consideration for golfers in colder climates.