15 Potentially Great Horror Movie Crossovers

Are horror movie crossovers the new horror movie remakes? First there was Freddy vs. Jason. Then came Alien vs. Predator and (shudder) Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. What could those crafty minds in Hollywood be planning for the next big horror movie crossover? Here are a few suggestions.

Chucky vs. Leprechaun

Horror Movie Crossovers: Chucky vs. Leprechaun

Let's face it: a killer who's under three feet tall is hardly intimidating...unless you're under three feet tall, too. Watch as these pint-sized maniacs tussle under tables, inside cabinets and down sink drains.

Advantage: Leprechaun.

Candyman vs. Pinhead

Horror Movie Crossovers: Pinhead vs. Candyman

Things are bound to get kinky when ladies' man Candyman gets together with Hellraiser's sadomasochistic Pinhead. You might need to take a shower after watching this.

Advantage: Candyman. Pinhead's got Hell on his side, but once you go Black...

The Hills Have Eyes vs. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Horror Movie Crossovers: The Hills Have Eyes vs. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It's hot cannibal-on-cannibal action as these two deranged backwoods families rumble in the middle of nowhere, with nary a tooth to be found.

Advantage: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Hills may have eyes, but they don't have power tools.

Scream vs. Final Destination

Horror Movie Crossovers: Scream vs. Final Destination
Dimension/New Line

Someone dressed up as Death versus Death itself. Probably not a fair fight.

Advantage: Final Destination.

Jigsaw vs. Hannibal Lecter

Horror Movie Crossovers: Hannibal vs. Jigsaw

This could be the longest of the battles, as these holier-than-thou blowhards take turns trying to psychoanalyze each other to death.

Advantage: Hannibal. Jigsaw needs six weeks and an entire workshop to kill someone; all Hannibal needs is a nice Chianti.

The Amityville Horror vs. Poltergeist

Horror Movie Crossovers: Amityville Horror vs. Poltergeist
American International/MGM

Suburbia goes to Hell in this Civil War of haunted house movies, and no matter who wins, the realtor won't be happy.

Advantage: Poltergeist. Its remake was less terrible.

The Ring vs. The Grudge

Horror Movie Crossovers: The Ring vs. The Grudge

Which will be the last pale, Japanese stringy-haired girl ghost story remake standing? Let's hope they bump each other off, because nobody really wants to see another entry in either franchise.

Advantage: The Grudge. No one watches VHS tapes any more.

Norman Bates vs. Michael Myers

Horror Movie Crossovers: Norman Bates vs. Michael Myers

Talk about issues. One loves his mother too much; the other wants nothing more than to kill every member of his family. The twist ending is that they both end up in counseling.

Advantage: Michael Myers. A jumpsuit allows more mobility than a dress and heels.

Blacula vs. Blade

Horror Movie Crossovers: Blacula vs. Blade
American International/New Line

Who better to take on a Black vampire than a Black vampire hunter? To be followed by Blackenstein vs. Van Blacksing.

Advantage: Blacula. Blade is, like, four feet tall.

Children of the Corn vs. Village of the Damned

Horror Movie Crossovers: Children of the Corn vs. Village of the Damned
New World/MGM

This showdown of killer kids ought to cure any thoughts of adding to your family.

Advantage: Village of the Damned. They dress to kill.

Christine vs. Cujo

Horror Movie Crossovers: Christine vs. Cujo
Columbia/Warner Bros.

Two of Stephen King's least frightening killers come face to, er, grill, and the result is as expected: road kill.

Advantage: Christine.

Damien vs. Rosemary's Baby

Horror Movie Crossovers: Damien vs. Rosemary's Baby
20th Century Fox/Paramount

Watch as the devilish tykes from The Omen and Rosemary's Baby throw down on the set of The Maury Povich Show to find out who's the REAL son of Satan. Paternity results are coming up.

Advantage: It's a moot point because it turns out that their father is, ironically enough, The Exorcist.

The Woman in Black vs. Mama

Horror Movie Crossovers: The Woman in Black vs. Mama

It's one mutha of a fight as these ghostly mothers return from the grave to battle over a living child they mistake for their dead offspring.

Advantage: Mama. With those spider crab fingers, she could palm The Woman in Black's head like a basketball. 

Godzilla vs. Cloverfield

Horror Movie Crossovers: Godzilla vs. Cloverfield

In this battle of the behemoths, Godzilla defends Earth against the latest alien monstrosity to attack the planet — granted, in order to do so, it has to return to New York City, scene of the crime against humanity that was 1998's Godzilla.

Advantage: Godzilla. Seriously, it's been doing this for over 60 years.

The Blair Witch Project vs. Paranormal Activity

Horror Movie Crossovers: The Blair Witch Project vs. Paranormal Activity

It's a found footage showdown: shaky hand-held cam vs. stationary security cam! Which is the better vantage point to watch someone stand unnaturally still for several minutes of screen time? You be the judge.

Advantage: Tie. Everyone dies.