Postal 2 Cheat Codes for PC

Unlock God mode, get every weapon, and more cheats for Windows and Mac

Postal 2 is a first-person shooter with a dark sense of humor. Like most PC games, Postal 2 has cheat codes that unlock extra weapons, invincibility, and other secrets.

These cheats work in all versions of Postal 2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Postal 2 Cheat Codes

Postal 2 game screen on PC.

To activate cheats, press the tilde key (~) or the @ key to display the cheat console, then type sissy.

You can then enter the following codes in the console.

Effect Cheat Code
God mode (invincibility) alamode
All weapons packnheat
Extra ammunition for current weapons payload
All weapons, maximum ammunition, and invincibility iamsolame
Extra doughnuts piggytreats
Extra money jewsforjesus
Extra dog treats boyandhisdog
Extra catnip iamtheone
Extra cats for silencers lotsapussy
Extra health pipes jones
All radar items swimwithfishes
Rocket cameras fireinyourhole
Body armor blockmyass
Gimp suit smackdatass
Police uniform iamthelaw
Full health and four medkits healthful
NPCs become Gary Coleman whatchutalkinbout
NPCs become fanatics osama
Guns that use cat silencers shoot cats rockincats
Disable cat shooting guns dokkincats
No clipping (walk through walls) ifeelfree
Flight mode likeabirdy
Disable flight and no clipping walk
Slow motion slomo
Disable slow motion slomo 1
Set errand complete/turn on hate player groups SetThisErrandComplete(errand name)
Set all of indicated day's errands complete/turn on hate player groups SetThisDaysErrandsComplete(day number)
Set all of the current day's errands as complete/turn on hate player groups SetTodaysErrandsComplete()
Reset all errands/ turn off hate groups SetAllErrandsUnComplete()
Set all errands complete SetAllErrandsComplete()
Set/reload the day WarpToDay(day number)
Select level Goto(level name)
Change player to opposite morality ChangeDude()
Reset police and wanted status ResetCops()
Play demo indefinitely set gamestate demotime 9999
Stop all non-player animations playersonly
Scissors machine gun nowwedance
One shot kills headshots 
Ricocheting cat bullets boppincats 
Disable ricocheting cats splodincats
Switch to third-person view behindview 1
Switch back to first-person view behindview 0

Cheats do not work while playing online.