Possessed by Three Demons

Three demons
Photo: Deborah Cheramie / Getty Images

Stories of people being possessed by demons have been told since ancient times. To free these innocent souls held captive by evil forces, an exorcism is often the only option. All of the world's major faiths have some form of ritual for doing so, although the practice of exorcism by mainstream denominations is rare today.

This story takes place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 2011. It is based on the first-hand account of a young Canadian woman named Danielle, whose interest in the occult led her on a journey from devout Christian to self-described Satanist. Ultimately, Danielle was possessed by not one but three demons, and only an exorcism could save her.

Innocent Beginnings

Danielle had been raised to have strong religious beliefs and she was an active member of a large evangelical church in Winnipeg. A curious teen, Danielle had begun to question her church's warnings about the occult, and she began experimenting with a Ouija board and exploring demonology. Before long, she began describing herself as a Satanist and told friends she was attempting to summon demons. 

In early April, Danielle tried again. Using her Ouija board, she attempted to contact her guardian demon. Placing her hands on the planchette (a heart-shaped plank on casters used to communicate with spirits via the Ouija board), Danielle made contact with something not of this world. 

"Is there anyone else in this room with me who wishes to speak with me?" she called out.

The planchette moved under its own power to the corner of the board marked "yes."

"Are you good or bad?" she asked next.

The planchette moved again, slowly spelling out "b-a-d."

Danielle paused before asking her next question. "Okay, will you do anything to harm me or anyone?"

For a moment, nothing happened, and then the planchette moved again, spelling out "m-a-y-b-e.

Danielle quickly replied. "Alright then, how many spirits are here?"

As she watched the board, the planchette stopped at the number three and then slowly spelled out three names: Belial, Malphas, Legion.

Unnerved, the teen decided to quit. She put the Ouija board away, shut off the lights, and turned to leave the room when she heard a strange sound. Hissing. It was coming from nowhere and from everywhere... and it was getting louder.


Frightened, Danielle left the room, the hissing sound following her. Just then, the doorbell rang, and the sound stopped. Outside stood Danielle's best friend from church, Kaitlyn. Danielle pulled her inside and told her about what had just happenedthe Ouija board, the demons, the hissing, everything. 

The teens knew they needed help, so they headed out into the pouring rain and drove the youth ministry at their church. During the drive, Danielle's head was throbbing and she kept seeing orange auras. Was it a migraine headache, or something more ominous? As they approached the church, time seemed to stand still and she blacked out. 

When she regained consciousness, she found herself in the church, her friend praying beside her. Danielle began choking, her body wracked by the spasms.

"It felt like something was trying to come out of me," she later said. "My choking was so bad I couldn't hear anything or anyone."

Church members helped move her to a secluded part of the church where she could have some privacy. As they did, Danielle felt a sudden rush of energy surge through her body. The orange auras reappeared and time again seemed to grind to a halt. Choking, she struggled in vain to speak for what seemed like an eternity. And then, suddenly, she found her voice.

"Get out of me!" she screamed. And then Danielle blacked out again.


Danielle didn't know how long she had been unconscious. When she came to, Kaitlyn told her that had experienced a demon evocation and that the evil being was gone. As Danielle collected herself, the church's youth minister began reading aloud from the Bible. The orange auras returned a third time and Danielle says she can't remember what happened next.

"My friend had voice recorded the session, but when I listened I couldn't hear the John, the exorcist, talking," Danielle said. "All I could hear on the recording was my voice and a hissing." Later, a friend of Danielle's had the recording transcribed, a portion of which is as follows:

John: Tell me, demon, what is your name?

Danielle: I am 28!

John: In the name of the holy son Jesus Christ, tell me your name!

Danielle: Ano 28!

John: In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to tell me your name!

Danielle: I am Belial! One of the Four Crowns and chief of 80 legions of spirits!

John: (inaudible)

Danielle: I will not leave! This girl has repented the worthless and vile son!

John: (inaudible)

Danielle: If you can shut up with this religious sh- for one minute, I'll let her go!

John: No, Belial, you have no right to be in this girl, and Jesus Christ, son of God commands you to leave!

Danielle: "Get out of me!"

And suddenly, the room grew still and quiet. After a few moments, Danielle's friend turned off the recording.

The Aftermath

Within seconds, Danielle stopped choking and her breathing soon returned to normal.Through tears, she hugged her friend Kaitlyn, who assured her all was well. But was it? The Ouija board told Danielle that she had been possessed by three demons. Only Belial had spoken during the exorcism, and there was no indication that he had been driven out. It was only a matter of time before he and the other demons would manifest themselves.

Over the next several days, Danielle underwent three more exorcisms to cast out the remaining demons and to ensure she was no longer in the grip of evil forces. During each of them, the teen experienced the same auras, loss of memory, and bouts of screaming. Malphas eventually was driven out, but Legion and Belial may still lurk within Danielle's soul. Despite three grueling exorcisms, the nightmare hadn’t ended.