Yamaha PSR-E423 Review

Review of Yamaha's 61-Key Keyboard

Yamaha PSR e423
Image Courtesy of Yamaha

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A great supplemental synth. You’ll get some really smooth, genuine voices from this model straight out of the box – extra stars for that considering its size. USB connectivity and flash storage are extra bonuses not typically found on inexpensive portables.

There are only 61 keys, which is sufficient for learning but won’t be enough past the beginner-intermediate level. As you progress, you’ll begin to notice the missing notes, and keyboards with 76 notes can still be found in this price range (although perhaps without the same quality of tones). If the authenticity of built-in voices takes precedence over keyboard range at this point in your musical pursuit, I would absolutely recommend this model.


  • Keys: 61
  • Polyphony: 32-note
  • Touch Sensitivity: Yes; 3 velocity settings, or off
  • Reverb/Chorus: 9 reverb settings; 4 chorus
  • Arpeggiator: 150 types
  • Metronome: Yes; 11-280 BPM
  • Available Colors: Black

Price: $150-$230 for keyboard; $250-$275 for bundle Compare Prices


  • Quality voices
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • Built-in chord library & lessons
  • Recording on 6 tracks & flash storage


  • No sustain pedal included
  • Power adaptor not included (see Accessories, below)
  • Software only compatible with Windows

Keys & “Action”

The keys are lighter than those of a digital piano, but held their weight comparably well; they feel somewhat plastic-y, but lack that hollow, overly-artificial quality found on many portable keyboards.

There are three preset levels of touch-sensitivity, or the feature can be turned off completely. Some voices – such as the harpsichords and organs – are not touch-sensitive at all, mimicking the real instruments.

Splitting is supported, meaning two different voices can be played on either end. The split-point is adjustable, but only the right side of this point is layer table (more below).

Transposition from -12 to +12.

Voices & Tones

The keyboard includes 183 voices, 462 XGlite tones, and 15 drum and effects kits. Voices may be “dual-layered” so that two different voices can be played simultaneously.

Available tones include:

  • 18 Pianos; acoustic, electric, harps- & clavichords
  • 15 Organs; pipe (of varying dispositions), jazz & reed
  • 5 Accordions
  • 22 Guitars; 13 treble & 9 bass
  • 35 Strings & Orchestra ensembles
  • 46 Brass & Woodwind
  • Vibes, Bells & other pitched percussion

Keyboard Speakers & Quality

The two integrated 2.5W speakers are good, but I’ve heard better on less expensive Yamaha models … although I would not call them poor, just weak. For voices with demanding timbres like strings and reed organs, there was light cracking in the mid-to-high treble octaves at louder volumes. The bass instruments sounded great.

Speakers automatically turn off when the headphones input jack is in use – whether by earphones or an external amp – which prevents feedback, interference, or startling noises.

Back Panel

  • headphone/OUT, 1/4"
  • USB type B
  • Sustain pedal input, 1/4"

PSR-E423 Included Accessories

  • Music rest
  • Lesson software CD-ROM

Optional accessories which may be purchased separately include:

  • 12V AC power supply adapter (models # or ) – $15-$25
  • Sustain footswitch (model # )
  • Piano-style sustain pedal (models # or dual-zone ) – $25-$30; $30-$45, respectively
  • Keyboard stand (model # ) – $30-$35


PSR-E423 Bundle Package Accessories

The bundle package for the PSR-E423 includes the keyboard stereo headphones, AC power supply, and sustain footswitch.

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