Popular Chuck Norris Movies

Chuck Norris movies are all about beating up the bad guys with weapons and martial arts. Though comedy isn't quite as evident in his work as say Jackie Chan's, you can bet your bottom dollar that you won't leave a Norris movie wanting for action. Here is a list of some of Norris's more popular movies for your reading pleasure.

The Delta Force

When a group of Palestinian terrorists ​overtakes a U.S. passenger plane, the Pentagon calls on Delta Force, a group of super soldiers, to save the day. Chuck Norris (Major Scott McCoy) and Lee Marvin (Colonel Nick Alexander) lead the way in a movie that has some far-fetched spots but never really falls short with its action sequences.

Delta Force was not the last of its kind, spawning sequels.


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A rare Chuck Norris supernatural thriller. In Hellbound, Norris plays an undercover policeman (Shatter) who, along with his partner Jackson, find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation that takes them to the Holy Land. There they find themselves not fighting to stop a murderer as much as fighting to save the world from a powerful satanic creature.

Hero and the Terror

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Norris plays L.A. homicide detective Danny O'Brien, a true to life hero, that put the city's most fearsome serial killer (Jack O'Halloran playing Simon Moon) behind bars. The problem? His fame for doing this is undeserved, as his capture of Moon was nothing more than a fluke. So when the man they call "The Terror," escapes from jail, O'Brien gets the chance to really take down one of the scariest criminals of all-time.

The Hitman

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Norris (Officer Cliff Garrett) survives an attempt on his life from his former partner, a man with connections to the mob. Garrett then makes it his business to infiltrate the mob as a hitman with the idea of taking it down from within.

Invasion U.S.A.

Norris (Agent Matt Hunter) finds himself taking on a group of Soviet guerilla squads led by a man named Rostov, that are intent on creating widespread panic by shooting bazookas into homes, planting bombs in churches, and more. In the end, of course, Hunter takes on Rostov himself.

Norris co-wrote this movie.

Lone Wolf McQuade

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Here's what you need to know about Lone Wolf McQuade. First, Norris plays a Texas Ranger. Second, his daughter gets kidnapped. And third, in the end, he takes on David Carradine, the villain. Can't get any better than a Norris vs. Carradine face off. Many believe that Lone Wolfe McQuade is one of his best movies.

Missing in Action

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One of Norris's most well-known movies, Missing in Action featured him as Special Forces Colonel James Braddock, a super soldier that goes on a mission to save those still missing in action in Vietnam. Braddock himself escaped from a Vietnamese POW camp, making the situation close to his heart. This flick was all about action, weaponry, and martial arts, and it spurred on sequels. A must see for Norris fans.

The Octagon

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This is widely believed to be one of Norris's best movies. Norris takes on a terrorist training camp known as The Octagon in a movie with an amazing amount of action. If you like flicks with ninjas in them, this one is for you.

Top Dog

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Sure, it's your standard renegade cop gets stuck with a canine story. That said, when Chuck Norris is the cop it means flying bullets and more.