Pool Cue Length And Weight: Seeking The Holy Grail

Why What Works Could Be Wrong

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If only the cue weight, the pool cue length, was perfection, then you... Photo courtesy John Foxx/Getty Images

Pool Cue Length - A Trim

Seeking the Holy Grail of sticks by cue weight and cue length is a pastime for millions of players--but the real news is inside our story--how to find the true pool grail. Many players would do better with a slightly shorter pool cue length than they use currently. 59-inch cue? Try a 58- or 57-inch cue and you will likely aim many of your cut shots more precisely.

We Seek The Holy Grail

…Ah, yes, the “Holy Grail” cue stick. In my youth I owned an unidentified cue and sank every shot I saw. I resold my beauty thinking I now had “it” but it disappeared soon after. If you find my old “Balabushka” please tell me!

“There is an ideal weight and length of cue for each player.” Tempting, isn’t it, the imagined Holy Grail Cue that makes more shots for you? Fortunately, there is much we can do even if you still have to aim and shoot your own shots.

My Cue Length

Personally, I am 6’2” and 200 lbs., and prefer a 58” cue of some 19 or less ounces. Most players, though, will heighten their accuracy using a shorter cue stick. Note I wrote "shorter" and not "smaller-width ferrule/a narrower cue stick."

Subsequent articles including that on the next page describe how to choose a best weight for you today. Pay close attention because we can change your game for the better via this simple equipment adjustment.

Cue length and weight discussions must start with a discussion of general skill.

Pros And Amateurs

The pro may wield any decent cue to knock it out of the park. But amateurs need weight and length matched to their style and wingspan.

I recommend 19.5 to 21 ounces for beginners but under that for intermediates able to work a lighter stick. They (and sometimes me), however, admit we wistfully seek the natural’s stick, carved from a magic tree struck by lightning. Sigh.

When you are better able to manipulate a lighter stick with the hands (to make the shot plus provide outstanding cue ball speed control) go for under 19 ounces…

Experiment if you wish, but realize the difference between the lure of your next new cue and the real magic of practice, competition and drills.