Pokemon Season 7: Advanced Challenge

Episode guide for the seventh season of the Pokemon anime, Advanced Challenge.

Ash, Pikachu, Max and May in swimsuits ready to swim in Hoenn.
Pikachu, Ash, Max and May ready to swim in the seventh season of the Pokemon anime, Advanced Challenge. The Pokemon Company

The seventh season of the Pokemon anime (Japanese cartoon), Pokemon Advanced Challenge is the second season set within the Hoenn region and focuses on Ash, Pikachu, May and Max. It continues on from the previous season, Pokemon Advanced and leads into the following season, Pokemon Advanced Battle.

Episode 1: What You Seed is What You Get

Episode 2: Love at First Flight

Episode 3: Let Bagons Be Bagons

Episode 4: The Princess and the Togepi

Episode 5: A Togepi Mirage!

Episode 6: Candid Camerupt!

Episode 7: I Feel Skitty!

Episode 8: ZigZag Zangoose!

Episode 9: Maxxed Out!

Episode 10: Pros and Con Artists

Episode 11: Come What May!

Episode 12: Cheer Pressure

Episode 13: Game Winning Assist

Episode 14: Fight for the Meteorite

Episode 15: Poetry Commotion!

Episode 16: Going, Going, Yawn!

Episode 17: Going for a Spinda

Episode 18: All Torkoal, No Play

Episode 19: Manectric Charge

Episode 20: Delcatty Got Your Tongue

Episode 21: Disaster of Disguise

Episode 22: Disguise Da Limit

Episode 23: Take the Lombre Home

Episode 24: True Blue Swablu

Episode 25: Gulpin it Down!

Episode 26: Exploud and Clear

Episode 27: Go Go Ludicolo!

Episode 28: A Double Dilemma

Episode 29: Love, Petalburg Style!

Episode 30: Balance of Power

Episode 31: A Six Pack Attack!

Episode 32: The Bicker the Better

Episode 33: Grass Hysteria!

Episode 34: Hokey Pokéballs

Episode 35: Whiscash and Ash

Episode 36: Me, Myself and Time

Episode 37: A Fan with a Plan!

Episode 38: Cruisin' for a Losin’

Episode 39: Pearls Are a Spoink's Best Friend

Episode 40: That's Just Swellow

Episode 41: Take This House and Shuppet

Episode 42: A Shroomish Skirmish

Episode 43: Unfair-Weather Friends

Episode 44: Who's Flying Now?

Episode 45: Sky High Gym Battle!

Episode 46: Lights, Camerupt, Action!

Episode 47: Crazy as a Lunatone

Episode 48: The Garden of Eatin'

Episode 49: A Scare to Remember

Episode 50: Pokeblock, Stock and Berry

Episode 51: Lessons in Lilycove

Episode 52: Judgment Day

If I Could Only Watch One…

  • …Episode I would watch Episode 4: The Princess and the Togepi. This episode sees the return of Ash’s first companion, Misty who had travelled with him through the first five seasons of the anime, Pokemon Indigo League, Pokemon Adventures on the Orange Islands, Pokemon The Johto Journeys, Pokemon Johto League Champions and Pokemon Master Quest. Misty shows up in the Hoenn region after being invited to a special Togepi event. Almost immediately after running into Ash, Brock, May and Max a man tries to steal her Togepi and the resulting battle results in Togepi being blown away from Misty and being found by a princess of a kingdom who happens to be looking for a Togepi of her own for a ceremony to make her queen. The episode does ends on a cliffhanger so it’s worth watching the following episode Episode 5: A Togepi Mirage! as well if you can.

How to Watch

Due to its popularity, the Pokemon anime and its movies are fairly easy to get your hands on.

The official North American website offers a wide selection of episodes to watch for free from all the story arcs. The anime also airs very frequently on free to air TV in most countries around the world in addition to the cable channel, Cartoon Network.

Every season of the anime and all the movies and specials are widely available on DVD and several movies can also be found on Blu-ray.