Pokémon Fire Red: Cheats, Codes, and Walkthroughs

Secrets, glitches, and Action Replay cheat codes for GBA

Pokémon Fire Red for Game Boy Advance (GBA) is an enhanced remake of Pokémon Red, one of the first Pokémon titles for the original Game Boy. In addition to secrets and glitches, there are tons of Pokémon Fire Red cheat codes available through GameShark and Action Replay.

These cheats are for Pokémon Fire Red, but some information may also apply to its companion game, Pokémon Leaf Green.

How to Upgrade the Pokédex

After completing the main story and collecting at least 60 pokémon, visit the Professor in Pallet Town to receive the National Pokédex. You can now visit new locations and evolve your pokémon into more advanced forms.

Secret Item Locations

Once you get the Itemfinder, you can revisit locations where characters previously stood and use it to uncover rare items. You must be standing in the exact same spot they were when you use the Itemfinder.

Item Location
Leftovers Near Cycling Road and Silence Bridge where Snorlax was.
Macho Brace In Viridian Gym where Giovanni was.
Sacred Ash At Navel Rock where Ho-Oh was.
Soothe Bell In the Pokemon Tower where Mr. Fuji was.

Trainer Card Upgrades

Upgrade your trainer card up to four times by completing these task in any order:

  • Complete the main story.
  • Complete the Kanto Pokédex (pokémon 1-150).
  • Complete the National Pokédex (Except for Celebi, Deoxys, Jirachi, and Mew).
  • Obtain a score of 200 in the Pokémon Jump and Dodrio Berry Picking mini-games.

Safari Zone Glitch

To maximize your time in the Safari Zone, stand in a grassy spot and lightly tap left and right to make your character change directions without moving. If you keep doing this, you'll eventually encounter wild pokémon, but the timer will not go down.

GameShark and Action Replay Cheat Codes for Fire Red

You can enable more cheats for Pokémon Fire Red with the GameShark and Action Replay accessories for the GBA.

These codes are not case sensitive, and spaces between numbers are not required. All cheats work with both the GameShark and Action Replay accessories.

Cheat Code
Faster leveling 72024A64 0001
82024BEC 01F4
Infinite PP 42023C08 6363
00000002 0002
Infinite cash 82025838 104E
8202583A E971
Infinite items 42025C96 0063
00000014 0004
No random battles A202166E FF00
820255AC 0000
Get all pokéballs 420259D8 0001
0001000C 0004
420259DA 5212
0000000C 0004
Get all badges 8202658C FFFF
Get the National Pokédex 3202461F 00B9
32026590 0001
82026644 6258
Complete the Pokédex 4202462C FFFF
0000003C 0002
42025BA0 FFFF
0000001A 0002
42028FC0 FFFF
0000001A 0002

Use Pokémon Fire Red Cheats With Visual Boy Advance

It's possible to use GameShark and Action Replay codes with a GBA emulator. To enter cheats using the Visual Boy Advance:

  1. Open the VBA emulator.

    VisualBoyAdvance app on Windows 10
  2. Select File > Open and choose the Pokémon Fire Red ROM.

    File > Open in VisualBoyAdvance
  3. When the game starts, select Cheats > Cheat list from the VBA menu.

    Cheat list menu option in GBA emulator
  4. Select Gameshark.

    Gameshark button in GBA emulator
  5. Enter a code and select OK, then repeat steps 4 and 5 to enter all the codes you want.

    OK button on cheat codes box

    Enter a description for each cheat code to make it easier to manage.

  6. Select OK again to resume the game with cheats enabled.

    OK button on Cheats menu

Use Pokémon Fire Red Cheats With the My Boy Emulator

To use GameShark/Action Replay cheats with the My Boy emulator for Android:

  1. Launch the My Boy app and load your Pokémon Fire Red ROM.

    Load game menu in My Boy Emulator
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen to open the My Boy menu.

    Menu button in Game Boy emulator
  3. Tap Cheats.

    Cheats button in GBA emulator
  4. Tap New Cheat.

    New Cheat button in GBA emulator
  5. Tap Cheat name and enter a description of the cheat.

    Cheat name button in GBA emulator
  6. Tap Cheat code, enter the code, then tap OK.

    Cheat code entered into GBA emulator
  7. Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen, then tap Save.

    Save button
  8. Tap the back button on your device to resume the game with cheats enabled.

    My Boy emulator cheat menu

    Tap individual cheats to toggle them on and off. To add more cheats, tap the plus (+) in the top-right corner.

Edit, Disable, and Erase Cheat Codes on My Boy GBA

You can edit or disable cheats at any time by returning to the Cheats menu. To erase a cheat code, tap and hold your selection, then tap Remove.

Although the free version of My Boy GBA only lets you input a single line of code per entry, you can use longer codes by entering them line-by-line as if they were separate cheats.

Max Out All Pokémon Stats

Use these codes to max out all stats for each of the pokémon in your party.

Cheat Code
Pokémon 1 420242DA 03E7
00000007 0002
Pokémon 2 4202433E 03E7
00000007 0002
Pokémon 3 420243A2 03E7
00000007 0002
Pokémon 4 42024406 03E7
00000007 0002
Pokémon 5 4202446A 03E7
00000007 0002
Pokémon 6 420244CE 03E7
00000007 0002

Warp Codes for Pokémon Fire Red

Input one of these codes while playing and walk through the closest door/entrance to teleport to the desired location. Disable the code immediately after you teleport, or else you'll keep coming back to the same spot.

Location Code
Birth Island 554D9257
Navel Rock 6AADAC54
Mt. Ember 23ADAABA
Seafoam Islands BC4AFF82
Power Plant EA5BB107
One Island A6A339F5
Unlock all fly-to areas 42026592 FFFF
00000007 0002

How to Trade Pokémon Between Versions

It's possible to trade pokémon between the generation III Pokémon games (Fire Red, Leaf Green, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire). Trading with Emerald and Leaf Green are enabled by default, but to enable trading with Ruby and Sapphire, you must visit Celio at the One Island Pokémon Center and help him fix the Network Machine. You must also complete the main story and upgrade your pokédex.

How to Trade Pokémon on an Emulator

To trade pokémon between game cartridges, you must connect two GBAs using a Game Boy Advance Link Cable. However, if playing on the My Boy Emulator, it's possible to trade pokémon by running two games on the same device:

  1. Launch Pokémon Fire Red in the My Boy Emulator and tap the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen.

    Pokemon Fire Red in the My Boy Emulator
  2. Tap Link Local.

    Link local option in the emulator menu
  3. Tap Another game.

    Another game option in emulator
  4. Select the game you want to trade with.

    Load game menu in My Boy Emulator
  5. When the new game launches, tap the menu icon again, then tap Switch game.

    Switch game option in emulator
  6. Select Pokémon Fire Red to resume your game.

    Switch game menu in emulator
  7. You can now go to a Pokémon Center to initiate trading, then switch back to the other game to complete the process.