Pogo.com Cheats and Autos

Earn free tokens and badges with game autos for Pogo.com

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Although casual games are typically non-competitive, gaming websites like Pogo.com feature leader boards and reward systems to keep players engaged. For example, you can trade the tokens you win from playing games on Pogo.com to unlock badges and accessories for your virtual avatar. It's even possible to cheat in Pogo.com games using game autos.

Information in this article applies broadly to most games on Pogo.com. Not all games on Pogo.com support cheats and game autos.

Why Cheat on Pogo.com?

As you play games on Pogo.com, you earn tokens, a type of virtual money used to purchase items for your Pogo Mini (your personal avatar). Many games also have what are called badges that are earned by completing weekly challenges.

Badges are similar to achievements on the Xbox 360, which makes them a must-have for certain players. That's why there's a whole community of gamers who make game autos, or bots, to cheat on Pogo.com.

To play games on Pogo.com, create a free account. Pogo.com offers many free games that any member can play, but other games require a paid subscription.

What Are Game Autos?

A game auto is a small program that runs on your PC and plays a game for you. In other words, game autos are a type of bot. Game autos usually come with different settings that emphasize speed, aggressiveness in wagering (in certain card games), or other options depending on the game. Savvy programmers can make their own bots, but if you're a casual gamer, your best bet is to download game autos created by someone else.

Are Game Autos Allowed on Pogo.com?

Using game autos is technically a violation of Pogo's Terms of Service. That said, the owner of the website, Electronic Arts, hasn't made cracking down on bot use a top priority. Since most games are single-player, cheating doesn't negatively affect anyone else's experience, so game autos are essentially tolerated.

Where to Download Pogo Game Autos

PlayBuddy.com is a treasure trove of game autos and cheats for casual gaming websites including Pogo. After you install the free Play Buddy desktop app, you can download bots for individual games. Most game autos are free to try, but require a fee to keep using them after a week.

In addition to tips on how to earn tokens and badges, PogoCheats.net has links to Play Buddy autos for almost every title on Pogo.com. There's also a forum if you need help setting them up.

BadgeWinners also offers autos for nearly every game on Pogo as trial-ware. Each game auto comes with a detailed tutorial. BotCP.com has a few bots for sale as well.

You may find free game autos for Pogo.com using torrent software. However, due to the risk of contracting malware, it's best to stick with reputable websites like Play Buddy.