The Pluto in Scorpio Generation

Those born in 1983-1995 will change the world

James Porto/Getty Images.

The Pluto in Scorpio generation is coming of age in a time of decay, collapse, institutional corruption, and societal change. Members are made of strong stuff and are up to the task. But the pathway may involve some kind of annihilation, humbling loss of power, or confrontation with death itself.

Some have been to hell and back in war, where deaths from suicide can be higher than deaths from combat in a given month. Many will experience spiritual death and renewal and receive profound wisdom and fearlessness. Some may struggle with addictions, attraction to crime, or the allure of psychic power over others.

Through their drive to live from the soul, they will transform our world, freeing us from the tyranny of the superficial. Many grew up on Harry Potter and have a compelling interest in what’s hidden. They'll draw conspiracies out of the shadows and rebuild society on the ashes of what’s been purified in Pluto’s fire. They’ll create powerful art, music, and stories.

They Will Change Everything

This generation was born under weighty star material and many come across as old souls. The ingresses went like this:

  • Pluto into Scorpio in 1983
  • Neptune into cardinal earth Capricorn from 1988 to 1995
  • Uranus in Capricorn from 1988 to 1995
  • Saturn in Capricorn in 1989 and 1990
  • In 1993, Uranus and Neptune were exact at 18-19 degrees Capricorn. This group will dream up new, sometimes shockingly disruptive plans for society. They have sight beyond the entrenched ways, and their imaginations are geared toward a new dream for Earth.

Those born in 1989 and 1990 have Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio, making them a force to be reckoned with. Many are driven and are great strategists, able to work hard for a long-term goal with the patience to wait for their time.

They will rewrite history in foundational areas, using ancient wisdom. They'll revamp currency and production in favor of self-sustaining practices. Some will go deep into sexual power as a tool for transformation.

Regenerating (Pluto) Through Inside-Out Transformation (Scorpio)

  • Cathartic, altering experiences in war, economic devastation, homelessness, debt, sexual degradation/merging/corruption
  • Healers that hone in on the root causes of dis-ease
  • Healing the mind-body split further with soul retrieval, ensouling practices, and the power of soulful presence

Astrologers' Thoughts About This Generation

Phil Brown of Astro Future Trends writes:

“Today’s Pluto in Scorpio generation can be quite off-putting to many older adults ... The challenging Pluto in Scorpio square to Pluto in Leo (those who were born approximately 1939-1958) means that Baby Boomers—a huge swath of the population—find this generation especially troublesome and difficult.”

Joann Hampar, author of "Astrology for Beginners" writes:

“This is the generation that will make medical breakthroughs, find cures, and even new life through artificial means.”

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology, by Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur and Lisa Lenard, writes:

“Pluto in Scorpio natives (remember, Pluto is Scorpio’s ruler) are sensitive to their environment, are emotionally intense, are intrigued by the mysterious, and seek spiritual regeneration, sweeping away anything that stands in the way of their quest.”