Pluto in Capricorn (2008 to 2024) - Life on Earth

Earth Transformed

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As of 2016, we were halfway through this transit of earthly life changes. 

We've seen with this a struggle of epic proportions, and an awakening to core realities about power. On the everyday level, I see this with individuals wanting to take back control of their lives -- going off-grid, growing their own, homeschooling or starting a self-sustaining business. 

Pluto has many faces, but at its heart, it's to do with power and powerlessness. 

The serenity prayer is helpful here, to discern what you're in control of, and what is bigger than you. Many things we see collapsing are due to systems in place that are tightening the grip, in a desire to consolidate control. 

I've researched shadow power for as long as Pluto has been in Capricorn, and I know there's a plan for world government, that will be held together by tyrannical control. That's the challenge and ordeal, as more wake up to this, and either go along with it or buck the system.

The vital companion to Pluto now is Uranus in Aries, which lights that fire of inspiration for real freedom and authentic culture. It's a re-wilding of everything, to break out of the destructive status quo. 

Legacy Systems 

Take heart that Pluto Capricorn is an ally, to reform all that's toxic and not authentic. In our lives, it's expressed in the choices we make -- to invest in what's destructive and to feed the fear, or to be part of creating a brighter world.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, making it the master of the physical realm, the lasting structure-builder of the Zodiac. It's a sign of breadth and depth, whose efforts tend to be big in scale. Capricorn is a sign that digs in, to be an active part of the backbone of society.

Pluto's trials serve to shatter structures that have become prisons to growth, even though we cling to the familiar as it crumbles. Just when we think we've hit a bottom, Pluto sends us hurtling down further into what seems like a bottomless pit.

Pluto transits take out the light at the end of the tunnel. And that's when the miracle happens, and you realize you're stronger than you thought you were. And when true faith takes root in your character.

Right now, Pluto's drama is playing out in the realm of finances, government and the environment. Pluto has a way of using extremes to bring a point home. 

The abuse of the public trust is so extreme now, that you'd have to be in willful denial (another Pluto trait) to ignore it. 

Wealth and Control 

These are fascinating times when the very idea of Money -- what is it -- has been a focal point. The use of usury and debt for nations and individuals has been outed as a tool of those consolidating their power. 

(Editor's Note: This part was written after the 2008 bail-out in the U.S.)

Pluto's dark powers of control, through money, is a theme that each of us will wrestle with, in some form or another. The specter of debtor's prisons has risen in the news here and there, but it's not likely to go that far. There's a potential for profound healing of our relationship with money, and a release from the prison of burdening debt.

 We're apt to see the mighty fall during this transit. The monied elite are in Pluto's hot seat, with an investigative eye on what's hopelessly unsustainable. For example, the formerly hidden truths about the Federal Reserve, are coming to light. Since they charge interest on the money they print for the U.S. government, each dollar issued by this private bank adds to the national debt. Simple truths like this are being uncloaked in the mainstream, and that could ultimately lead to reform of the whole system. It's Pluto's time to follow the money with the promise that by exposing the hidden hands, any inherently destructive power structures can be dismantled.

Since Capricorn is a sign of enmeshed authority, we could be shocked by the fall or exposure of rotten-to-the-core leaders. Capricorn is the sign of the mentor and the archetypal patriarch...the Grand Poohbah. We will see the end of blind faith in paternal leaders to shape our world, especially ones with a do as I say, not as I do attitude. 

 This transit enables us to see the dark truths about corporate greed, and the destructive force that puts profit before people (and in fact, all life on Earth). The part we each play to create a sick or healthy society, by how we spend our money, is brought home in a big way.

Though Pluto can take us to a hopeless place, there's always a rebirth on the other side. It's a planet that transforms whatever life energy it touches. And it does that by shattering the outer structure so that the core gems can be ferreted out. That nucleus of what's real and true becomes the foundation for the new.

Tthe Earth is the ultimate change-agent in this scenario and may surprise us all with her lessons. The end result will be a return to earth wisdom, where we all become back to the landers. And each of us has a role to play in re-creating society, and coming back into a give & take harmony with the Earth as the living entity that sustains us.

Natural Law 

In conclusion (in 2016), I see a revival of tradition, the desire to conserve and to defy this push toward all that's unnatural. As global forces seek to uproot more and more peoples, there's growing resistance to this psychopathic power. Read more about Pluto in Capricorn -- Inheritances and the Future. 

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