Pluto Capricorn: Inheritances and the Future

A Sense of Place

Colin Anderson for Getty Images.

Ancient Earth

The experience of Pluto as it moves in earth sign Capricorn to 2023 is like an archeological dig.  Artifacts are unearthed that reveal more of the buried history of the human story.  Since it's Capricorn, the discoveries show the many ways to live and organize ourselves in culture, as humans. 

There's more exhumed that reveals the cyclical nature of Earth, and lost civilizations.  For example, I became fascinated recently with the Ancient Giants Who Ruled America, and the mound builders. I felt a kind of awe seeing this quote from Abe Lincoln in 1848, "The eyes of that species of extinct Giant, whose bones fill the Mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now." 

Pluto is the planetary ambassador for regeneration.  So one outcome in this ordeal can be a reinvigorated sense of what it means to be human.  And a recovery of our intimacy with the living Earth around us. 

Captains of Industry

And on the topside world, there's a life-death struggle to shape the future.  Those in the business of massaging perception trumpet the belief in a scarcity of resources.  But hang on, why then are corporations (in bed with government) getting away with destroying entire regional ecosystems for profit and future goals?  A stealthy current in this Pluto milieu is using the environment itself and its degraded state, for agendas of control. 

Meanwhile, the rich have become the ultra rich, from criminal acts or the business of death-dealing (war), to get more resources.  Pluto's terrain of the underworld is being revealed, in conspiracy, doing things together in secret.  And in Capricorn, is seen in relentless greed for power and wealth at any cost to the rest of the planet and its life.  It's a kind of predation -- feeding off the work and life force of others.

In modern frames of seeing, how we have it set up, Capricorn rules governing bodies and "deciders" -- the authorities.  And it goes along with this transit that large-scale corporations would be running the show, and attempt to metastasize that power.

Movies and TV shows, like Continuum, present this as a future possibility, the new word in our lexicon -- the rise of a transnational corporatocracy.  During this Pluto transit, the spectre of a more controlled rule by corporations and a global elite is heightened, and in sync with the worldly drives of Capricorn.

Architects of Power

Since I wrote the article on Pluto in Capricorn back in 2008, I've had earth shattering realizations, and have woken up to the reality of shadow power.  Pluto intensifies what's on its agenda, and in doing so, hidden hierarchies are brought into the light. 

In cardinal Capricorn, Pluto moves on a large scale, as in the globalization of markets.  In headlines, you can sense that there's a phenomenal force in control, with the goal of consolidating its power and is quite ruthless, the extreme of Pluto power in action. 

But this is nothing new in history.  There's that famous quote about power from Lord Acton, British Historian (1834-1902) that "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."  Let's look at the last time Pluto was in Capricorn, starting in January 1762.

Breaking Free from the Crown

The Revolutionary War in America started officially in 1775, ten years into Pluto's transit through Capricorn (which was from 1765 to 1778).  But when Pluto was in Capricorn, the events happened that lead to the American Revolution -- like the Stamp Act passed by Parliament in March of 1765, the first direct tax on the colonies.

Founding Father Patrick Henry led the fight against the Stamp Act in 1765.  He's the one who is best known for his speech from 1775 that ended with "Give Me Liberty or Give me Death."

In the speech, Henry put forth that the only option to avoid being enslaved and under tyranny, was to fight.  "Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction?  Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance, by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?"

So Pluto Capricorn was the prelude, and a time before the revolution, when the powers that be were putting the squeeze on the colonists.  The chains of debt and "taxation without representation" were heavy.  

Land Grabs

We live in a time sadly of endless war.  And looking at the transit of Pluto Capricorn, we might see historical spikes in taking steps that have a long term goal, like with globalization. 

There's an event in Scottish history known as the Highland Clearances, when Highlanders were encouraged or forced off ancestral lands, and it began roughly in 1762 (when Pluto went into Capricorn).  This set in motion the diaspora of Gaelic peoples from the Highlands, to as far flung places as America and Australia. 

On the forced eviction, Scottish historian and author Sir Walter Scott said this:  "In too many instances the Highlands have been drained, not of their superfluity of population, but of the whole mass of the inhabitants, dispossessed by a unrelenting avarice, which will be one day found to have been as shortsighted as it is unjust and selfish."

Migration and Long-Term Goals

To understand the headlines and trends that are creating upheaval, you have to think long-term.  And with the Pluto-powered atomic drive of Capricorn, this may make the plans of the globalists seem untouchable and operating with impunity. 

Flooding immigrants into Europe and the U.S. is part of a bigger plan to break up what the globalist mind sees as "homogeneity."   It's not really a veiled conspiracy, since the goals are available for anyone to read, as seen in The Globalist Multicultural Migration Agenda.

A Sense of Ancestral Lineage

To a globalist, the "homogeneity' of a people is a barrier to prosperity, but for whom?  Rootless people are easier to move around, and also don't put up too much fight when their lands are churned up, poisoned or sucked dry of natural resources.  

To those that have any inkling of ancestral lineage and culture, based on a place, that "homogeneity" is a source of power, shared history and tradition. 

One way Pluto Capricorn can lead us through to a reinvigorated future, is to revive the sense of ancestry in a substantial way.  There's tracking lines through genealogy, and that's much easier now with the Internet. 

Pluto cracks open seeds of life, and in Capricorn, can make us aware of the mystery of inheritance through time.  A documentary that brings this home is The Language You Cry In -- seen here on Folkstreams.  A woman of Gullah heritage along the Georgia (US) coast follows an old song brought from Africa, back to the tribe in Sierra Leone where they still sing it today.

Exiles and Longing

Another power move is to cultivate a sense of place, wherever you are.  In his book The Mist Filled Path, Celtic Wisdom for Exiles, Wanderers and Seekers, Frank MacEowen writes that many of us feel like exiles in the twenty-first century.

He writes, "It may express itself as an exile from nature, from ancestral-traditions, from cultural homelands, or from spiritual lineages.  Sometimes the lineages and traditions appear to be lost forever without the potential of reclamation, so the exile feels even more poignant."

Pluto relates to ordeals and initiations that take us into mysterious territory.  And one of those can be to reach for a lifeline, from those that came before.  This transit could involve reviving buried treasures in that lineage, or receiving wisdom from the ancestors. 

Transforming the Biggies

Pluto is in Capricorn to 2023, and one phenomenon at this stage is the overt control and orchestrations of the global elite.  The more "out there" the agenda is, the more are activated to find their fight -- a fire is lit and that's the wildcard factor from the square to Uranus Aries.

In this article from Waking Times called Dying to Live:  Unity, Oneness, or Corporate Rule, Jennifer Deisher writes, "When we support an elitist agenda we are in fact enabling ourselves to give our Power away to some sort of “authority figure”, and think that said authority figure is going to come to the rescue when times get tough. As many are finding out, this is not going to happen."

Pluto unlocks power, and as energy is reclaimed from the hooks of various hierarchies, there's more vitality to put into genuine human-scaled endeavor. 

A path to power with Pluto in Capricorn is to stand your ground, and cultivate a sense of lineage and place.  It's also critical to wake up to the agendas, as that causes the pieces to fall into place.  What seem random events and horrors, make sense, when you perceive the desired end goals.   

This can be a revelatory path of discovery about the past, but tailored for our time, when the right to live as natural human beings on Earth is under threat. 

Stay tuned for a companion piece on Uranus in Aries.