Plus Size Fashion YouTube Channels to Watch

copyright Passionjonesz

I love a great blog, but I also love love love an awesome youtuber. Give me an uneventful Saturday night and I can literally watch Youtube stations all night.  Plus size fashion youtubers, specifically, are great source for plus size clothing hauls, beauty tips and reviews, and for giving you an idea of how the clothing fits on a moving person.  Check out some of my favorite Youtube ladies below.   

PassionJonesz - You can't talk about plus size youtube channels without mentioning PassionJonesz.  She does it all, plus size fashion, make-up, hair, and nails. I've never seen someone so talented in so many different areas. Fair warning, you have to proceed to this channel with caution.  I have found myself up to 3am watching her amazing tutorials. Her videos are visual and editing perfection. She really should have her own show.  Until then, I will continue to watch.  If you are looking for an expert in plus size fashion and beauty then you want to subscribe to the PassionJonesz Youtube channel.  

ImFashionablyLate - Ran by blogger, Amanda Valdez, her youtube videos often take you into the dressing room of your brick and mortar plus size retailers.  She gets into beauty and seems to always have on the most amazing lipstick colors.  Another great thing about Amanda is that she has an apple body type.  A lot of my readers find it difficult to dress this body type and Amanda does it perfectly.  She serves as a fabulous example of how stylish this body type can be. 

Stylish Curves - Known as the blogger behind Stylish Curves, Alissa has expanded her reach in the Youtube world.  Personally, I love Alissa's "keep it real" approach to her reviews of clothing.  My favorite videos to watch from her are her plus size fashion hauls.  She's gives great insight to her clothing selections as it relates to fabric, cut, and style.  

Plus Size Princess - Cece, also known as the Plus Size Princess, has one of those youtube channels that has something for a lot of the different aspects of your life.  She talks about plus size fitness, nutrition, fashion, plus size dating, and so much more.  She's a great resource and her upbeat personality makes you feel like you know her.  She's definitely a Youtuber you want to subscribe to.  

The Curvy Fashionista - Blogging guru and The Curvy Fashionista's editor-in-chief, Marie Denee, has been giving us fabulous curvy dialogue on her youtube channel. She talks about plus size fashion, but she also gets into other plus size discussions about confidence, self acceptance, and the plus size community as a whole. Her channel is excellent place for just good old fashioned conversation. 

These wonderful ladies are providing us great channels to watch.  Personally, I've followed PassionJonesz makeup tutorials, bought clothes from Stylish Curves' hauls, tried new lipstick from I'm Fashionably Late, did home workouts with the Plus Size Princess, and got in on curvy conversations with The Curvy Fashionista. This is the awesome part about youtube channels like these, they get you to step out of your own comfort zone and to try new things  If you didn't see your favorite plus size youtuber on this list, feel free to send me a message. (Email button above) I love discovering new fabulous vloggers to watch. The more plus size youtube channels, the better.