Where to Buy Small Shoes for Petite Feet

Petite women often have petite feet, so they need small shoes that are seldom available in small sizes at local retailers. Here are 9 online sources for women who need to buy small shoes for petite feet.

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Petite.shoes features fashionable shoe styles in women's sizes 2-5. The e-tailer says, “We have made a conscious effort to include designs that aren’t usually available in small women shoe sizes, despite being completely on trend and fashionable.” Shoes available from Petite.shoes are made in Columbia, South America, of high-quality leather. Shoe styles offered include heels, wedges, platforms, sandals, and flats.

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Cinderella of Boston

Cinderella of Boston, a specialty retailer of small shoes, offers women's sizes 2-5.5 in small shoes for petite feet. There's a good style range from boots to high heels, and a paper catalog is available. Another handy feature of this site is the shoe conversion chart, which lists US, Kid, Euro, and UK sizes. If you've been shopping in the children's shoe department, you can find the women's shoe size equivalent here.

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The Little Shoe Shop

The Little Shoe Shop at 71 York Street in London sells small shoes online as well as in the shop, ships worldwide, and offers a paper catalog as well. Small shoe sizes range from women's American sizes 2-5, and there's a conversion chart for English and European sizes. Check the "eye-catching stilettos" category for some flattering-for-petites, sleek high heels.

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Pretty Small Shoes

With an American women's shoe size range of 2-5.5, this UK site offers international shipping to the UK, Europe, America, and other countries for a flat rate of £6.50 for the first pair of shoes and no additional shipping charges for additional shoe purchases in the same order. If you're a fan of stilettos, be sure to check out the LouLou Killer Stiletto Heels, available in 16 different colors.

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Piccolo Small Shoes

Piccolo Small Shoes has a UK showroom in Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, which can be visited by appointment and offers online shopping with worldwide shipping. Piccolo Small Shoes only sells small shoes and boots from Italy and Spain. The American women's size range is 2.5-5.

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Nordstrom is known for on-trend style, and the shoe department at Nordstrom is no exception. You can find small shoes for petite feet in sizes as small as women's size 4. Nordstrom offers international shipping to the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and some other countries.

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Online Shoes

Online Shoes carries small women's shoes as small as size 3. To avoid scrolling through lots of shoes that won't be small enough, select the option of searching by size from the site's left menu. Shoe styles include lots of comfort shoes, such as the Dr. Martens brand. Online Shoes, which only ships to customers in the United States, offers free shipping and returns.

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The smallest women's shoe size available at Shoebuy is size 2.5, and these small shoes are all in the category of comfort shoes. You can search by size from the search menu at the top of the site's homepage. Shoebuy offers free shipping and free return shipping in the United States. International orders are accepted with shipping available to the UK, Australia, Canada, and many other countries.

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You can search for small shoes by size at Zappos, and the smallest size available in women's shoes is size 3, but the size 3 offerings consist primarily of sneakers. Going up to size 4, you'll find a thousand more styles, including high heels, boots, and sandals. If you can wear size 5, there's a much wider selection with over 12,000 styles available in women's size 5. Zappos offers free shipping and free return shipping for customers in the US.