Pitbull - "Give Me Everything" featuring Ne-Yo, AfroJack, and Nayer

Pitbull - "Give Me Everything" featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack, and Nayer
Pitbull - "Give Me Everything" featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack, and Nayer. Courtesy J Records

The Bottom Line


Pitbull presents the second single from his upcoming album Planet Pit. With the assistance of a beautiful vocal performance from Ne-Yo and a soaring, late night production from AfroJack, this is the single to take him to the next level with pop audiences. It will also raise the reputation higher of Dutch producer AfroJack. It is a song that is easy to like and will enter party and club playlists instantly.


  • Gorgeous supporting vocals from Ne-Yo
  • Positive attitude in the song
  • Beautiful late night dance party mix


  • Lack of lyrical depth


  • Written by Armando C. Perez, Shaffer Smith, and Nick van de Wall
  • Produced by AfroJack
  • Released April 2011 by J Records

Guide Review - Pitbull - "Give Me Everything" featuring Ne-Yo, AfroJack, and Nayer

Lyrically, there is not a great deal going on in "Give Me Everything," but Pitbull's spoken word intro where he simply encourages us all to enjoy life sets a tone of positivity that will make listeners smile. Ne-Yo's featured vocals are simply gorgeous and frequently threaten to steal the song's spotlight. Nayer's vocals nearly are buried in the mix, but it is Ne-Yo who floats effortlessly atop the production. It wouldn't be Pitbull without some bragging about money and sex, but the feel here is one of letting go in the pleasure of the moment.

As in his featured role on Enrique Iglesias' massive hit "I Like It," Pitbull moves away from Latin influences into mainstream dance pop territory here. The result should bring his music to an even broader worldwide audience. This is also a step forward for Dutch producer AfroJack. He has been rising quickly on the international scene and now, following recent collaborations with David Guetta, and remix work with the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna, and the Black Eyed Peas, sole production credit on an international mainstream pop hit is the next step forward.

In the past two years Pitbull has emerged as a reliable mainstream pop hit maker. During that time he has released three top 10 pop hits as lead artist. "Give Me Everything" is likely to follow in that path. He has also appeared as a featured artist on three other top 10 smash singles. The next album Planet Pit is expected in stores June 14, 2011 and should only consolidate the upward pop momentum for Pitbull.